Questions to Ask Your Potential Mentor

1.    Why did you get into this business?

2.    How did you get started?

3.    Who were your mentors when you were getting started?

4.    What was your biggest mistakes getting started?

5.    What mistake cost you the most money?

6.    What was your best decision?

7.    How many hours do you work a week?

8.    What special licenses did you need to get going?

9.    What zoning requirements did you have to do to open?

10.  What decisions went into finding your location?

11.  If you had to do it over what type of location would you have chosen?

12.  If you had more money getting started what decisions would you have made?

13.  Where did you get your startup funding?

14.  Do you have suggestions on vendors and equipment companies?

15.  Did they offer financing options?

16.  What are your best marketing methods?

17.  What was a waste of your marketing dollars?

18.  Who are your best type of customers?

19.  What staffing issues have you had?

20.  What type of rent would someone expect to pay?

21.  What specific equipment do you need to begin?

22.  Software? Tools?  Documents?

23.  What was your smartest decision during your time in business?

24.  What hours are your most sales made?

25.  How much is your online revenue compared to in-store sales?

26.  What is the first step to getting started?

27.  Are their professionals in accounting or legal areas you recommend?

28.  What kind of net profit can someone expect to make in this business?