10 Ways To Get Money with CREATIVE FUNDING!

1. Auto or Boat Title Loan! You can get funds immediately with this type of loan. Remember, 5k in 120 days is 50k.

2. Bad Credit Loan. We have a new resource who is having huge success getting several thousand dollars for bad credit money. Turn 20% interest into 4000% returns.

3. Merchant cash advance. If you own a business which takes credit cards, you can get a cash advance!

4. Bank Statement Funding. We have resources who can obtain both business and personal funding with just 3-6 bank statements.

5. Equipment Loans. If you have equipment of some sort, you can use it to get funding.

6. Asset based loans. Have something of value? Make it work to make you money!

7. CPN buildout. If you have bad credit you can get up to 150k in CPN new credit score funding from our resources!

8. Borrow it. You mean you don't know one person with some bit of money? If that's the case, you need to find more successful friends. Just offer them a piece of your profits.

9. Fix Your Credit, we have a program that's only $499.

10. Use your 401k, savings, retirement, pension, etc. Why would you want to take a 5% yearly return when you can get 4000%? Really!