100% INVESTOR FINANCING FOR any good investment, from Real Estate to Business acquisition, from Franchises to Start up Projects!

How the process works…

We have funding resources with several aggressive companies who can fund UP TO 100% of a project.  The project has to make sense and the numbers have to work!  You ideally want to buy a project that is already highly profitable with good ROI or acquire assets that are 30%-50% of their potential value!   Always acquire UNDERVALUED ASSETS when you can!

1. We will evaluate the information before forwarding it to the investors for consideration. We have to “prep” the information to insure the best result for our funding requests, and request you sign appropriate intake documents.  You will need to send a BUSINESS PLAN and fill out our CLIENT information application.  Without these TWO documents we cannot proceed.

*Note:  It is important that you include any and all contracts with the business plans! Please include as much information as possible, to expedite the funding request to save us valuable time and hassles! * We require our NON disclosure and Intake Agreement be signed by authorized party before we send any documents to our investor partners.

2. In many cases we can get an ok for funding in as little as 10 days. From then it may take several weeks or even up to 30 days to get all the funding. When requesting MILLIONS of dollars expect some time for them to do their due diligence! 

 We have many ways to fund a deal, and some deals will require giving up substantial equity, some may not require any. One of the advantages of the larger equity deal is that there is no loan payback. This simple fact makes all the difference in the world to the success of a project some investors may want a separate equity participation deal with you, depending on funding options, or they may just give you the money. Every project is different.

We will also take our broker and consulting fees on the funding we get you, which is from 2% to 5% depending on many factors. Always add at least 10% to the funding request to cover our fees and give you extra monies to be able to “quit your day job” to focus on your project!

We have access to creative financing help that may be required to obtain the funding, including down payments for real estate, equipment assets, inventory financing, or other creative ways to get the deal done. We suggest ALL principles go through our “Credit Enhancement and “Funding Funnel” and get your FICO scores up to 800+ and get more funding: Up to several million dollars, in as little as 30-60-90 days. This will also cover your 1%-10% money you may need to bring to the table. If you don’t have this available, you absolutely must go through this process, or we will not even forward your paperwork for funding. Before we submit any project to funding, we require you to sign an investor agreement with Millionaire Mentor University.

In most cases there are solutions to every situation. Most financial issues can be resolved one way or another with our team of financial mentors. You are assigned a Financial Mentor immediately after we accept your documents.

* Please note: The ND and Intake Document requires that you cannot seek other funding once you get a temporary approval of acceptance! Many people are working hard to get you funding and we expect you to honor the time we put into getting you funding. We have more sources to get you money than anyone else on the plane

Q. How long does funding take?

A. As little as 10 days but can take as long as 45 days depending on many many factors.   Many experts spend many hours and effort finding, negotiating, creating documents, emails, third party phone calls, etc. to obtain you’re funding. You must agree NOT to be offering your project out to other lenders or investors during our discovery time!

Q. What is the interest rates, fees, or payback terms?

A. Every project is different, every owner is different.  Our resource offers the best terms we have researched with thousands of companies.  The risk and owner experience may also play a factor in funding.

Q. IS my FICO score or INCOME financials considered in the funding?

A. Not usually.  Lenders obviously want an ethical experience operator because they want their money back, but the FICO score is usually not an issue as the value of the project is the most important factor.  Will it make money to cover the loan and support the owner!

Q. Do you offer any help during this process?

A. We Include An Acquisitions & Valuation Expert at NO COST To Help Get You The LARGEST Amount of Funding, In The FASTEST Amount Of Time, With The LEAST Amount Of Effort!  

Here is a bullet point list to review before contacting  a mentor to help move your project forward….

  •  No income verification required
  • You cannot be working with other funding sources.  We aren’t going to do all this work for you without a commitment on your part.  Our process is very quick, with commitments for funding in a few days.
  • A business plan is required
  • An executive summary is required if its not included in the business plan.
  • No FICO Requirements (although it’s possible they may look at a file for integrity purposes).
  • You, your management team, or the management team you hire should have some experience in your project!  Nobody wants to lend to rookies!
  • You must have Proof of Funds for any upfront costs.  UP to 100% means that,  it may not be 100% fundable depending on many factors.   Do not go into any project thinking that you don’t need any money of your own.  That’s delusional thinking.  We have resources that can help you.
  • Our financial experts will enhance the best executive summary and business plan for you after reviewing yours.  All broker fees will be added into your funding request.
  • One thing we can help you with is marketing expertise.  We can help increase the value of your revenues and reduce your marketing costs with world class marketing from our ad agency and production facilities.  With your business plan should be your marketing expenses if the project demands ongoing marketing.  We will offer to help with this and can sometimes save you many thousands of dollars a month on your marketing costs, while providing a more effective service.
  •  Access to additional business and personal cash flow solutions for your project including but not limited to:  funding, leaseback cash options on equipment, collateral funding, etc.
  •  Negotiating with lender and bank guarantor to reduce the bank guarantee and loan repayments.
  • Document preparation to expedite the closing, AND obtain you more funding then requested so you have operating capital while you “ramp up” the business.
  • Access to world class financial mentors who can guide you through this process.
  • Management experience and contacts who can help you manage the project so you don’t have to run a business, you want to own a business.
  • Negotiating with the seller to help with the upfront money.  It is very realistic to get a motivated seller to help with the Bank Guarantee if they are motivated to close the deal.  They will only need to help with the Proof of Funds for a short period during the closing procedures and the funds are safe in a Licensed and Bonded Escrow Agent.  Funds will be returned if the deal does not close.
  • Access to down payment investors, who may help with the UPFRONT MONEY!

There are other funding help options as well if you need help with the Origination Fee/Bank Guarantees...

  • ASSET based loans—Jewelry, Auto, Boat, Art, Equipment, Real Estate, etc.
  •  Inventory loans- Use the current inventory to get cash flow
  • Temporary loans for the buyer or seller with 6 months bank statements from the business.  With a project doing say 1 mil a month in gross sales, you may be able to get up to 4 Million in funding.
  • Get SELLER assistance. They can put up the down payment. It can be rolled into the upfront funding so it can be returned to the sellers after closing. The payment is put into a licensed and bonded escrow attorney so their funds are protected.
  • With good credit we can get the principle can get up to $300,000 in personal or business funding.  If you have good credit and some liquid capital you can buy an aged corporation and go after much more funding in the six figures.  This will not solve the problem if you need a million or two to acquire larger assets. 
  • Get the buyer PRIVATE INVESTOR FUNDING for the down payment without a good FICO score. The loan is based on obtaining 6 months’ bank statements.  The amount of funding is up to $5 Million. The monthly gross x 2-4 is what to expect.  If you gross $20k a month, expect a loan for $40k-$80k.
  • Get an equity investor. They look for projects that make sense and will put up a small amount of the down payment to acquire an interest in the project in most cases. Sometimes they will lend you the money for a fee. It can be returned after closing once you are funded.  We have some of these on hand and they will look at your project to see if they want to loan the money for a fee. 



Our resources are aggressive lenders who only make money when they lend entrepreneurs money.  Therefore they are aggressive money lenders and they need very little documentation to fund projects.

1. They do not require credit checks so your FICO score dosent matter, although they may take a peek to see what kind of a responsible person you are.

 2. They require a business plan, not just a MLS contract listing!  We have a 20 question info document required to proceed.

 3. We help “prep” your business plan to make sure you have the best chance of getting your project funded.  We do not work with speculative, or start up projects.  It must be ongoing and producing INCOME now.

 4. UP to 100% means that,  it does not necessarily mean 100%, every one of our lender resources has different terms and conditions, but the process is quick and may only take 5 days to approve and another couple weeks to close.

 5. You may need a proof of funds letter to show the lender you are financially responsible and ready to take on this project.  This program is not for broke people with no liquidity.

6. FFC takes our commissions out of the funding 5%, and we will add that into the loan amount.

7. The project must be profitable or at least undervalue.   70% of LTV is preferred, however all projects that make sense will be considered.

 To ask for a contract form to fill out email us at; mmu@mail.com