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Please Feel free to call any time, 7 days per week. All loan scenarios are welcomed. I have been a top producing Mortgage Banker for over 15 years and I am a Champion when it comes to closing tough,quirky,challenging loan scenarios. Including ( but not limited to ) converting a “Lease with an Option to Purchase” and/or “Land Contract” to “Conventional Financing”. At the same time providing excellent competitive rates/programs for all credit score and income tiers. I have dedicated the better part of my illustrious career to obtaining financing for prospective buyers, who have issues and/.or concerns regarding their credit/income. I have cataloged below, several ( but not an exhaustive list) of the numerous aggressive programs/services our Mortgage Lending Partners provide. Please review and contact me TODAY! And provide me the contact information of any/all prospective buyers in need of my services.


  • Please note: ( Gift Funds acceptable on all purchase programs, credit repair available, Manufactured homes in most cases same LTV's )

  • Minimum Loan Amt. 60,000 on all Programs:

  • 100% VA Purchase.... Down to 520 credit score


  • FHA 100 dollars down and Grant programs.

  • 90% FHA purchase : Credit Score: 500-580

  • 96.5% FHA Purchase: Credit Score: 580 + ( no overlays, 52% debt to income ratios)

  • FHA 203k Rehab loans down to 500 credit score

  • USDA 100% financing 550 + score ( credit repair available )

  • Conventional 95% Purchase ( 620 + scores, Gift funds acceptable ) no PMI option

  • Home Path, owner occupied 97.5%, Non Owner occupied 85%.

  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac DU Plus/Harp refinance, unlimited LTV

  • ( non owner occupied ) Stated Income/hard money loans down to 70% LTV, no income,no min. credit score required.

  • 1 DAY out of BK, Foreclosure,short sale, deed in lieu ect. 70% LTV.

  • For self employed borrowers, we have a program where your assets count as income.
    We have extensive programs, for Non owner occupied,Second homes, unique property's.

  • I have the ability to order appraisals, from my companies select list of approved appraisers.

  • 15 minute Pre-quals and the ability to close loans in 10 days or less

  • In house underwriting

  • I have access to a vast network of individuals, with 10 or more years in the Mortgage Industry, who I can go to, for advice on difficult loan scenarios.

  • ii: Jumbo (over 420,000)

  • iii. Super Jumbo ( 650,000- 2,000,000,000)

  • E. My Community

  • F. Purchase money 2nd mortgages up to 90% LTV, for those who want to avoid MIP

David Fredrick ( "Mortgage Financier Extraordinaire") Office: 855-822-0909 Fax: 866-611-6502 Cell: 941-735-5272

Email: speedyprocessing66@gmail.com

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