$10,000 in Success Blueprints with FFC Membership!

1. How to Buy Real Estate with No Money

2. Zero-Out Taxes

3. Stop Lawsuits Dead in Their Tracks

4. Monetizing Life Insurance Policies and Car Notes

5. Claim Your Unclaimed Child Support Funds

6. Class Action Lawsuits You Might Be Eligible For

7. Disability Grants and Benefits That Disabled People Can Get

8. Earn Up to $300 Month Watching Previews

9. Getting Free Money and Grants

10. Grants for Children of Disabled Parents and Grants for Single Moms

11. Grants for Starting a Business

12. How to Find Grants for Law, Justice, and Legal Services Programs

13. How to Get Cash from Unclaimed Traveler's Checks

14. How to Track Unclaimed Life Insurance Money

15. Medical Bills Assistance and Health Insurance Programs

16. Ten Simple Sources for Free Food

17. Unredeemed Gift Cards and Gift Certificates Refunds

18. Your Free Cell Phone with This Program

19. Your Guide to Claiming Unpaid Wages

20. You're Qualified for Supplemental Security Income Benefits

21. How to Buy a House with No Money and Bad Credit

22. Mail Letters for 2 Cents

23. How to Pay in Another Form of Legal Tender

24. How to Become Sovereign

25. Eliminate Debt Totally: 100% cancelled

26. Dissolve Your Debt Manual

27. How to Turn Judgements into Cash

29. Amazing Real Estate Money-Making Techniques

But wait, we have more!

30. The Ultimate Credit Repair Loophole

31.  Amazing Real Estate Best Money Method 

32.  Buying A Business with No Money Down or Bad Credit 

33.  30 Minutes to $100k Method                           

34.  Lenders for People with Bad Credit                 

35.  $100k in Credit Cards                                            

36.  How to Remove Bankruptcy                            

37.  The ATM Millionaire Technique to looking like a Millionaire      

38.  How to Combat Bank Foreclosures                                                      

39.  Foreclosure Defense                                                                                    

40.  47 ForeclosureTips                                                      

41.  UCC-1 Filing Method, vol 1                                              

42.  UCC-1 Filing Method, vol 2                                     

43.  Aged Corporations: How to Acquire Aged Corporations for Pennies-on-the-Dollar

44.  Business Tradelines: How to Build Your Own Trade Lines and Make 7-Figures a Year with Them           

45.  Discharge Student Loans: Dissolve Your Debt Manual 

46.  Discharge Loans Including IRS: Terminate Virtually Any Loan

47.  How to Become Sovereign

To get started with this program you will need to speak to a Financial Mentor to make sure you understand all our benefits and your responsibilities!  Email us at:  mmu@mail.com with your name, phone, and best time to call!  A mentor will contact you within 48 hours!