2% PER DAY ROI investment, 730% per year

Here are the details of this tremendous investment.

 I will tell you upfront that this platform is "Ninja Trader" They have been around for many years and so have the US brokers they use.

 It is the platform that holds all my magic.  ;-)  So basically, my "Doc's" are physically seeing the platform and me working on it. 

Trading: Russell 2000 Future contracts.

Traded time frame: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm CST.

Trader paid weekly (No exceptions).

No weekly account gains = Trader not paid.

Fund compounded at % intervals for increased gains.

Anyone can dial in if they choose to watch.

Weekly email sent to all invested for gain/loss report.

Bi-Weekly online gathering for updates & questions if needed. 

 My trading conglomeration and tools are proprietary (as they will not be explained to anyone) BUT, I will allow folks to SEE it as I am trading it.  I will also be happy to explain to anyone what I am trading and why on a phone conference or webinar etc. if that would help your company and or the people.  

Also, please understand that if this looks like a good fit, you (or any other outside arrangement company or business you choose), will be the conduit by which the money is given to for trading, NOT me.  I do NOT touch the funds at any time.  It is the PEOPLE (or the head of the entity that the people trust) that will be paying me on a weekly basis for trading for them.  I will only have access to trade the funds, period.  I have been putting this together for the last 2 years so understand that my goal is transparent but my ONLY job in this relationship is to trade for the people.  The difference with me (because I have been screwed over and over again in Forex, and other trading modalities with unscrupulous outside brokers and people), is that I allow anyone to see what I am doing without touching anyone's funds but proving I am legit.  Basically this is totally backwards from all the other scammers out there as they want you to send them your money first with blind trust and to use crooked brokerages overseas.  This is where I am different.  I REFUSE to take anyone's funds.  I only want to trade.  Yes, I only use one trading platform because my system was built for this specific platform.

Personally I think its genius.  I will let you decide.  ;- )

We will form an LLC for all partners who wish to invest.  The minimum the broker trades with is is $300,000.  Most of the time we can find several partners to go in with to lower that investment amount.

Of course the payouts are the same except the number is reduced according to the investment.

The investment strives for a 2%-3% DAILY RETURN ON INVESTMENT

The trader takes 50% of the profits and the investor gets the other 50% minus FFC percentage of 25% of the percentage.

YOU  are in control of it ALL (except the trading),

YOU  will give me the permission to trade the funds on a daily basis by which they all agree to. 

The traders holds NO money, have NO access to it, and they cannot withdraw ANYTHING. 

The manager to the entity will pay the trader every 2 weeks on profits made. 

If I receive no payment, ALL trading stops immediately.  To trade for a group I will trade nothing less than $300K to start out at with NO withdraws on their end for 90 days. 

That's pretty much it.  Very easy, transparent and concise. 

 The broker do NOT have "documentation" or a website for everyone to view on my trading stats etc.  Things like that are garbage and can be faked and lied about therefor I don't do it.  And, because the way it is set up to which I have no control, it's not needed.  I like to take it up a notch and let them WATCH me LIVE in the morning if they choose to do so on Skype.  I am pretty open about it all.

 To speak with a mentor email us at mmu@mail.com with your contact information.

 FFC is not an investment advisor, securities trader, or money manager.  We have and want to say this stuff legally and it’s really important to learn.  We have taken much effort to accurately represent this information and its ability to help you!  But hell, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme and we certainly cannot guarantee that you will achieve squat or earn a nickel here.   There are no promises or guarantees as to how much money you will make.  No honest or ethical person would ever promise or guarantee you will be able to make any specific amount of money, only that the potential is within reach when the information is properly applied.   

Some of the ideas contained and painstakingly researched here and were borrowed from some of the greatest wealth creation experts in the world from Warren Buffet to Ben Franklin, to Andrew Carnegie.   If we don’t borrow ideas from these types of people whose should we use?   We do not give legal or investment advice, and this information is for educational use only.  So many factors determine your success. Things like focus, your goals, ambition, partnerships, your financial situation, third party involvement, y business savvy, decision making, and common sense. 

 By using any of these opportunities you agree to these statements, and agree not to hold us liable for your results and certainly your actions.   And you agree to represent our products and services with integrity, honesty, and passion. 

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