How long does the debt discharge program take?

If you have very strong FICO scores it may only take 2 weeks.  You must remember there are TWO steps to credit repair.  First, is removing negative information.  The second is adding positive trade lines.  Adding positive trade lines requires large upfront costs, as acquiring trade lines is not cheap.  They can run up to $2,000 each depending on the age and amount of them.  The processor has a very sophisticated software program that will give a very detailed report on how to maximize your funding.

It’s important to know that the “pay it forward” program will help you eliminate these large upfront costs, but there may be a delay while we wait for someone else to get funding to pay for your fees.  If you want to speed up the process, when your report comes, you may request to pay the upfront costs to speed up your process.  The processors will not pay your upfront fees of potentially TEN-FIFTEEN thousand dollars!  They will however, arrange for you to get them eventually with our Pay it forward program.  No other company on the planet will do this for you.

Will you be discharging the debts or just removing them from the credit reports?

There are processes we have available to discharge, eliminate, negotiate, delete, and suppress credit information, we use the fastest method which is to remove the inaccuracies from your file first, so you can move on to funding.   The credit engineers can remove bankruptcies, judgements, late payments, liens, and support payments, all of it. 

Is an income minimum requirement to get funding?

No, however the lenders want to make sure you can pay loans back so the less money you make the less funding you can get.  Don’t be delusional, we aren’t miracle workers. We just have strong underwriter relationships.

How much funding can I expect?

Every file is different.  There are no two identical files.  Age of trade lines, debt ratio, amount of trade lines, income, all have a lot to do with the amount of funding. When we say UP to $400,000 in funding, that is what we mean. This does not mean $400,000 but UP to.  In many cases using business and personal funding they can get much much more!

How much money of my funding can I use for myself?

We know you want lifestyle money to enjoy some of your deserved funding.  This can be 10% or maybe even more, however it’s important to restart your financial freedom the right way and use this funding as GOOD DEBT creating passive income for years to come.

What is the typical FICO score I need to go into funding?

We have had 770 Fico scores who needed trade lines.  There is no standard for funding.  Almost all files need some work!

What type of loans are these?  Credit cards?  Loans?  Interest Rates?

Most are loans, some can be credit cards.  IF you have to ask what the interest rates are, (typical for business or personal credit), then you don’t understand wealth creation.  It’s not the interest rates you care about but the PERCENTAGES.  What can you turn your borrowed money into as far as returns?  If you can get a house for $50,000 that you can sell for $100,000.00 in a month, do you care if it’s 5% or 15% interest, if you can get to the money?

How long does it take to get the funding?

There will be several lenders you need to get the maximum amount of funding so it can take from 10 days up to 3 weeks on average.  This can vary.

How much are the success fees on the funding?

Success fees are like when you close a mortgage, the broker takes fees.  A hard money lender may take 15-20% just to fund you for a few weeks.   A business partner takes 50% or more to borrow you the money.  Money is not free or cheap.  Many experts have to spend countless hours preparing docs and spending time on the phones for you.  The 20% success fees that are charged by the processor can also be recouped by referring a few people you know to our program.  Why not help them break free from financial slavery?  Besides you also get access to $100,000 in financial education courses, NO upfront aged corporation funding, access to our programs and processes, private mentoring, webinars from successful money experts, and a lot more.

How is my loan paid back?

If you’re in the 3 step financial freedom program, they will pay your loans back!  An agreement to this is signed with them so you are protected.

What are you doing with the money once you JV with me and my credit & how much will I make?

Where they invest it is not your primary concern. You don’t need any experience in investing to do this.  If you want to make the Millions though, you will want them to teach you how to reinvest other profits.  They will give you a world class financial education for FREE.

The processors invest the monies into many programsThey will pay you to rent your credit lines up to $12,000 a month PASSIVE –RESIDUAL INCOME, depending on the amount of funding.  You are only a few simple steps to financial freedom!

How am I guaranteed my returns?

The only guarantee is that you’re going to retire like the 96% of Americans, deep in debt and depending on the government for a few scraps every month, after working hard for 60 years of your life.

First, it’s not a return, it’s them renting your credit lines for a fee, second, there is no such thing as a ZERO risk investment.  That is delusional thinking.  Put your money under a mattress and come home and your home is on fire.  If you want to achieve success you must risk failure that is the rules of nature.  There are however many benefits to this program.

1.       It makes money fast, eliminating almost all risk.

2.       The processors will sign an agreement with you for transferring liability to them.

3.       They are debt elimination experts so at the worst, get your files cleaned off again.

4.       The investments they use leverage money up to 40 to 1, it’s managed risk, they use sweep accounts using only profits, and other secured investments.

5.       The pay it forward program guarantees you guaranteed returns because there is no shortage of people who want their credit enhanced and become financially free.

How can I use your life insurance strategy to make $60,000 in annual payments?

They have a process to protect your family with a life insurance product that will also allow you to take a payout of $60,000 a year for life.

What tax advantages are there with this program?

There are tax experts who will develop a tax strategy to reduce your taxes up to 98%.  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth.  How much more can you make if the government leaves you with 100% more money to invest?

How often am I paid?

Monthly, the financial brokers will talk to you and go over your entire plan.  They may want to take out 6 months payments to protect the lender as well as you, which is a great safety net for you.  You will also pay it forward to others, earning a return on their funding as well!

Is there a balloon payment after a certain amount of time?

Yes, as of now, most will receive a $200,000 payout after a certain number of months.  They will discuss that with you, as it depends on your credit lines that are rented from you.

How much of a referral commission can I earn for referrals?

THREE percent.  ON $400,000 that is about $12,000.  Not bad for spending a few minutes with someone helping they learn how to become financially free!

How do I get started?

Fill out the CONTACT US form and we will email or call you to get started.  We want to speak with you in person before we get you started so you understand what we can and cannot do.