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Need Help With Down Payment or Investment & Have Bad Credit? Income Only Loans!


We are closing out this INSTANT WEALTH PROGRAM for the year.

The program offers the following:

  • $38,000 in services for around $10,000 PAID after 1.5 Million in funding, including

    • 5 High value Primary Tradelines worth well over $5,000 for your FICO files

    • FAST credit wipe program in 30 days!   Value:  $1,500

    • Aged Corporation:   $10,000-$15,000 value

    • UP to 14 HIGH value business tradelines , value $20,000

    • Dun And Bradstreet 30+ Services build out your corp:  $5,000 Value

    • Rapid Rescore to get to the 1.5M in funding in 4 weeks.

    • ACCESS to instant retirement investments paying instant income of 25%-150%  RETURNS!  Investment Guaranteed.

Total to start:  ONLY $1,500 (limited time)

This is your only chance to retire in 2019.  Do what excites you, spend more time with your loved ones, quit your day job.

We are only taking 5 clients as there is expected to be a month waiting list after the end of August!

The application is available. CALL us to answer any questions, time is limited.

-The Team at FSC