Angel Partner Investment Revenue Program 

When you want to acquire wealth, you should be focusing on what benefits a part of society. You need to focus on what you can GIVE, not on what you can GET!

We demonstrate that with our “Pay it Forward” investment program.   Many people do not Have funds to restore their credit, buy aged corporations, or invest into high return investment and income opportunities.

When you get funding, you can help others who are cash strapped with upfront costs. These members will gladly pay you a large “fee” for helping them achieve financial freedom.

You can receive a 50% return on your investment in these members.  This simple promissory note between you and them works like this….

Simply help them out with 2k upfront costs, when they get their First round of funding, (they can usually get up to $200,000 or more after credit restoration), then they pay you $3000.00 upon funding.  A 50% return in as little as 8 weeks!

 Compare that to the 1%-8% a year you get from other “sanitized” investments!  There's no comparison.

 So help others obtain Financial Freedom, feel great about your contribution to society and make more money!  Just email for an application for this program!