Are You REALLY Ready to Do What It Takes to Be Financially FREE?

Most people now are so lazy they want everyone else to do all the work for them.  Completely undisciplined.  They require instant gratification.  They cry about their lives, and circumstances.  They look for lazy ways to make a lot of money that doesn’t involve hard work.  They want something for nothing.

They are always digging in the wrong places.  A big break, gambling, lottery, inheritance, a get rich quick scheme. The most important thing to understand about finding opportunities is that if you’re looking for buried treasure you had better have a good idea where its hidden before you start digging.

Most people can’t even complete a simple ten-minute task if it wasn’t for the last minute of a deadline, 98% of the population wouldn’t accomplish anything.   Trying to get an underachiever to do anything without the fear of punishment is like trying to walk on water.

 Most people to this day still don't know that the odds of them scratching and clawing their way out of this avalanche of new tax laws and regulations to keep people poor is getting harder and more impossible by the day. 

Every one of us was designed and trained to become a slave for the purposes of supporting only a handful of super wealthy families.  No, it's not as obvious as it used to be when our grandparents were working assembly line jobs in a dead-end factory (that's been long put out of business thanks to China).

Instead, we're blinded by what's really going on with distractions such as the latest iPhone release, video games, endless amounts of "stuff" to watch on television and any other distraction you can think of.  If only we'd take a few hours to actually sit, ponder, and think about the "bigger picture" on what's really going on. 

The first thing you can do is...stop watching so much television, especially the news.  This is numbing your brain into a moron-like state.  Stop it.  Lay off the iPad and the video games, too.  This is putting you into a non-existent fantasy land that will only disservice your ability to think creatively as time goes on. 

The poor travel through life in economy class and waste their time on unhealthy habits and then wonder why the hell they don’t have anything.  Their lack of education, laziness, bad habits, lack of guidance and mentors, poor attitude lack courage, have a lack of focus, determination, and courage.

The rich don’t say “No I can’t afford it”, but “How can I afford it?”  Aren’t you ever sick and tired of being sick and tired? Poverty is caused by fear and ignorance, not the economy and government.    The poor think liabilities are assets. Car, boat, TV, house.

The financially ignorant put their kids in day care because both parents have to or want to work, where by the kids are 3 times more likely to become aggressive, disobedient, defiant, combative, bullies, sick, and alienated.

If you struggle financially it’s because you have either failed to learn the laws that build wealth or else, you do not pay attention to them.

Most people don’t want to even try to be wealthy, they think it’s’ too much work.  they just don’t want to be poor.  Just enough for some level of peace of mind, and a few bare essentials.

Start by being extra-ordinary!