The “Pay It Forward” Program…


*The easiest way to make large amounts of passive income.


When you want to make more money,  the first rule of wealth creation is to focus on what you can give, not on what you can get.  We offer help for those who may not be financially able to cover the costs in moving them forward on their journey to financial success.  Like they say, “it takes money to make money”. What they fail to tell you is that it can be someone else’s money!

Here is how our program works….  

When you have access to funds, you can help others with their “upfront costs”.  Their are an unlimited amount of people who want to get funding to help themselves and their loved ones achieve the highest quality of life.

We simply match you up with someone who needs help with their upfront costs, and both of you will sign a promissory note.  FSC does not have anything to do with this transaction other than arranging the union between you both. The amount of funding they will need varies depending on what programs they want to enter.  Usually $5000.

You are their “angel”.   Of course, people will pay for this generosity and you are expected to make money from your help.  The program takes up to 60 days on average depending on their program,  

The average loan is $5000 and you will receive $7500 back from the client.

This is a 50% return on your money for a few weeks while you help another become financially free.

This can be done many many times a month, as there is no shortage of people wanting to obtain money and a better lifestyle.

To become an “angel” and help others obtain financial freedom you must become a client/member. Contact Us for more information!