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After you have registered, please login with your credentials at  From there, you will be able to generate your own referral URLs for every page on your site. If you do not have a site, you may use our standard Financial Freedom Club referral page with your own code to sign up your clients. To add your code to any page, just add this to the end of the URL /?aff=xx   (NOTE: replace your 2-digit agent code for the "xx". For example, if your code is 31, then you would add /?aff=31 to the end of the URL for the page to which you are sending your clients.)

EXAMPLE: Referral Agent 31 would send her clients to:

If you have questions about how works, please read through their Tutorial and FAQs.

Keep in mind, the only time Financial Freedom Club pays referral commissions is AFTER a client receives their funding. We do not pay for "clicks" or traffic, only for successful funding.

Once you have signed up on the site, please email FinancialFreedomPartners@mail.comfor access to the Referral Agent Resources section.


Even though our “Be the Bank” income opportunity generates $1500 on every $5,000 investment every 45 days--with unlimited potential--that is not our best money method! Our best income opportunity for you makes RESIDUAL income without working, on auto-pilot, EVERYDAY!

Let’s give an example….
We research, investigate, evaluate, and invest in businesses and real estate that produce immediate income.  These are businesses and real estate that can be run by management companies so we don’t have to work hard. We don’t want the biggest business but the ones that bother us the least so we can focus on more important things such as our relationships!

We also put income opportunities through our filter, which decides if the business is tremendously profitable, has few headaches, and other criteria before we purchase.

YOU, as our funded partner, have the opportunity to invest some of your funds with others people like you and become an investor in the business we acquire and make a percentage of the profit (profit depending on your investment amount).  NOTICE we said PROFIT!  Unlike a typical investment such as the stock market or bonds. We want our partners to make money from day 1!  They get a deposit on profits weekly also! The best investment is one that pays you FAST and RESIDUALLY on AUTOPILOT and in LARGE CHUNKS!

Investments can be as little as $10,000 (in some cases) to over $100,000 depending on what project we're interested in at the time. TIMING is everything in a business.

You can do both the "Be the Bank" and this passive residual programs at once if you desire and we recommend it once you receive your funding! Minimum investment in the “Be the Bank” income opportunity is $25,000 in most cases. We don’t usually like to have anyone invest more than that unless we have an over abundance of clients needing help, so that all the other funded clients can also participate.

We have thouands of clients, and a long wait list for help. Make money helping others. They gladly will pay an extra fee to you for helping them!

To become a member, sign up for our programs and receive a mentor consultation on these opportunities send an email to: