Private Security Instruments

How to leverage your funds like a Bank. By using an LLC, S or Corp; we can create a Bond with a Prospectus, Cusip/Isin, Rating, and financial guarantee(Insurance Wrap). By creating a $15,000,000 bond, that cost $15k or .01% plus $10,000 to FSC.    We can use this Bond and our position to Bank ranging from .20 - .30 cents on the dollar $3,000,000 - $4,500,000. A quick, effective, and efficient way to raise capital. Timeframe 4-6 months.

As you know, there is a public and private side ledger created on your behalf to leverage financial security instruments against you, supposedly for your benefit. How can you truly be free or sovereign, if your beholden to a government. Can you simply balance your books. The answer is yes, to balance your public side accounts, you will need to track the cusips and liquidate your beneficial interest. But how about the private side.

It's impossible to lose any money. If for some reason, someone fails the background during the rating phase, the funds will be refunded.

It is being liquidated, so no it doesn't need to be paid back. Also since your selling it at a loss, it is not taxable.    It is usually shorter typically 90-120 days, however better to under promise and over perform.

The Black Card:

Why go for The Black Card, simply it is for those that are feeling targeted, needing to find a solution to a civil and criminal matter that just won't go away, even though your reasoning is right. Needing to stop levees, garnishments, warrants, civil penalties, child support, IRS, probation, or parole. Or something even more simple, you are wanting your freedom, to be beholden to no man or government. If you want your peace and freedom.

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Memorandum of Understanding

This letter will confirm that you have agreed to contract with Rampart Trust and their associates for obtaining the following: Security Instrument including the following; Prospectus, Financial Guarantee (Insurance Wrap) & ISIN/CUSIP, Moody’s or S&P Rating. Total $5,000 in addition to any referral/broker commissions paid to FSC.

All communications are to be considered private, confidential and are not to be recorded or released to parties who are not privy to this contract. In addition any documents that have been sent to you for your assistance or prepared for your assistance are to remain confidential and are not to be published or released on the internet, via email or distributed unless consent is obtained by this office first in writing.

All documentation created by RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates is for private use only.

Any publication or release of documentation into the public will result in immediate legal actions for unlawful distribution of material. No refunds upon signing this agreement. All material discussed and presented is copyrighted and trademarked with the U.S. Copyright/Trademark office.

All information disclosed is and will remain privileged and confidential, and may never be disclosed without our permission or an order of the Court. RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP are also not responsible for the actions of third parties or any action you have taken regarding these liens which may have been in violation of state or Federal law. RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates are to be “held harmless” for any information provided and any individual actions taken by the client.

Please note further that this agreement also constitutes your understanding that there are no guarantees that any information provided to you will give you a victory in court case, discharges of debts, or deposits of security instruments as well as your acceptance to Hold Harmless from any civil liability or claims: RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates and any third parties related to preparation of your docs or monetization of your lien. Any entity or individual associated with any bank account used in these transactions are to be held unaccountable for their purpose is that as a paymaster or a third party without knowledge of the transactions purpose or use.

All work commences within 3 days of their acceptance of payment and docs. All payments must be received by week 12. Each missed payment may delay the completion of the process by two weeks.

All funds are to be received within 180 days, if not received within 180 days contract is subject to cancellation with minimal refund. RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP agrees to start and finish all necessary paperwork within 120 days from initial payment. Refunds are only to be issued if KEVIN CHAMBERLAIN OR RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP is unable to complete paperwork or task.

The client and RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP are using the information provided for educational purposes and not an attempt to avoid any lawful acts or charges.

The sole purpose is to achieve any and all lawful remedies provided to an individual in a private or public capacity.

Page 2 of 2 If the foregoing is acceptable to you, please sign where indicated on the enclosed copy of this letter, and return it to the appropriate address noted above with the appropriate payment.



By:_____________________________________________ Printed Name Signature (Date)

CLIENT’S INFORMATION: • NAME: _____________________________________________________________________.

PHONE #: __________________________________________________________________.

• EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________.

• COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________________

1 ASSORTMENT LIST OF FILINGS (1) SPC Filing(s) (2) Bailor Trust Account (3) Treasury Direct Account (4) Distress Warrant (5) File of Notice & Demand With Secretary of State BONDS (6) Any/All Bond’s held against you, [previous, past,]. You must capture the bond(s)[past, present, any Bonds, that the State and/or Federal Government has against you as in [CORPORATE FICTION].Once the Bond(s) are pulled, they must be filed into your Bailor Trust using a UCC-3 filed to the Secretary of State. After the bond(s) are in your Bailor Trust; then the [previous] Holder of the Bond(s) is notified of your possession of the Bond(s) [Holder-In-Due-Course UCC-3- 302 A (2) and the Bond(s) they hold are now fraudulent. (7) The Depository Trust is notified. Since we pulled the Bond(s) and the Notice to the Depository, now pulls the [record of bonds] and is held in Escrow for 180 Days. The Depository will give Notice to the Holder [that is holding the Bond(s) previous Holder before going into your trust] of the possible fraudulent Bond(s) being held in their possession. (8) Notice to Governors Window. This is where your proper discharge begins; we have paperwork that will be filed in your behalf. (9) Notices to Department of Treasury [Secretary]; [Original Copy Certified we’re Holder-In-DueCourse of the Bond(s).] (10)Notice to IRS Technical Support; [Original Copy Certified we’re Holder-In-Due-Course of the Bond(s).] (11) Notice to Enterprise Computing Center-Martinsburg/Kearneyville; [Original Copy Certified we’re Holder-In-Due-Course of the Bond(s).] (12)Treasurer of the United States; [Original Copy Certified we’re Holder-In-Due-Course of the Bond(s).] 2 AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLIC NOTICES Acceptance of Oath by Judge(s) Beneficiary Rights / Right to Accept for Value Declarations, inclusive of: Notice of Non-Adverse Party Notice of NMWHFIT Notice of Successorship Matters of Interest U.S. Citizen as Surety Birth Certificate Special Notice to the Federal Reserve-Instruments Issued for and by the US Endorsement Language for Instruments Acceptance for Value Synopsis Endorsement Language for Instruments and Checks International Bills of Exchange/with full discharge of Bond(s) COURT SET UP Rescind Signature(s) on all document(s) Discharge any give Counsel, Public Pretender past and present on record(s) File Affidavit of Intent with the Courts Notice to Clerk, Judge(s) Prosecutor(s) Discharge Settlement Papers with the above Proof of Notices Affiant is the Grantor/Creator/Settlor and Depositor/ Beneficiary of security instruments 1. The deposit for security instruments was for the specific purpose of disposition of the instrument in exchange for all the securities created from the special deposit. 2. As the Grantor/Creator and Originator, it was Affiant’s intention at the time of inception for the deposit to be made specially, not generally. 3. As the Grantor/Creator and Originator, it was Affiant’s intention at the time of inception for the deposit to be made specially, not generally. 4. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that this deposit has been treated generally and not specially. 3 5. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that according to principles in law, the deposit meets the criteria of a special deposit, as it was for a specific purpose of disposition to settle and close the case number 6. Affiant further believes and therefore affirms that deposits for the specific purpose of disposition and to settle and close the case number has the attributes of a special deposit and are generally termed and construed as such. 7. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that JUDGE; Trial Attorney; any/all successors, receivers, agents and assigns, as the Depository Institution of the deposit was aware of the purpose of the deposit for a disposition, and therefore should have treated the deposit specially. 8. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that this special deposit creates a resulting trust in which the depositor is the Beneficiary and the Depository Bank is the Trustee. 9. Affiant believes that the newly- appointed Trustee for the resulting trust created with the special deposit, shall, in the course of their duty, exercise care and due diligence, good faith and candor and act in accordance of the Grantor/Depositor’s intent in the resulting trust. 10. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that a special deposit is subject to return at any time by request of the depositor in identical or equivalent form as when deposited, and not to be commingled by the depository with other funds or assets of the bank. 11. Affiant does not consent to the deposit of security instruments to be treated as a general deposit at any time, either now or in the future, by any party. 12. Affiant affirms and reserves all rights remedies, defenses or otherwise at law, in law and equity. 13. Affiant believes and therefore affirms that should the Depository Institution fail in its Trustee duties to reclassify and treat this deposit as special, not general, then some of Affiant’s remedies and recourses provided by law and equity are claims of unlawful conversion, breach of trust, and theft of trust property. Give 21 days to Reply and then file Case in the Court for discharge and/or jurisdiction. File Appointed Trustee Judge/Prosector Quo Warranto to the Bench Certification of Laws and Statutes Jurisdiction to be announced on record Appoint one or more as Trustee, and or one or more to state jurisdiction on record Note: 99% of the time the Cause will be dismissed because of lack of jurisdiction and/or fraudulent/frivolous statements need to get copy of judgment, Still, we file paperwork to start pushing the judge and prosecutor in a corner. File Motion to Transport and/or Hearing for Trustees. 4 Getting ready for Appeals Court After the Judgment entry is filed, you now have 21 days to file an Appeal. We file an appeal of the previous court judgment and sometimes we get relief, still, we now have the lower courts being push into the corner. Now for the record once the Case is given a number, have a Process Server serve the above to be answered on record. The Appeals will dismiss the Case for lack of jurisdiction. This is what we want. Getting Ready For the Supreme Court Now that we have a judgment for lack of jurisdiction, this is where we get our action. Since we have requested for jurisdiction to be put on the record, and never receive it for the record, everyone that we serve above will now be serve and the s—t now hits the fan. Meanwhile, the above is appointed in their Fiduciary appointment and everyone is in the frying pan using and going against the CORPORATE FICTION that has a trust recorded. As we all know, Court cannot go against the trust and jurisdiction must be announce as if not, all case(s) is null and void. Do not worry about just opening the trust, we file everything to your 18th birthday nunc pro tunc. You will get a reversal from the Supreme Court and most likely you will now be going back to your original court for dismissal of all causes and charges. They will be glad to dismiss the case because you still have everyone in the frying pan because your appointment of trustee(s). By this time as well, the bonding paperwork is sent to a special place for discharge and the bond have already been pulled. Before your court appearance, [if you have one] the prosecution will pull your case only to see the bonds have been pulled, the clerk was notified of possible fraudulent bonds and your Holder-In-Due-Course of all document(s) which is sitting in your trust. NOTE Please understand that not every case is the same. There becomes so much paperwork that is not listed because you have no idea of anyone’s response. Some cases go away, other cases has been settled in International Court under USC 28-2643. If any case is settled in International Court, the Secured Party MUST not accept anything from the Federal Government. Everything must be cancel as in Social Security; Irs, Medicare, Medicaid. If you go into International Court and your slate is not completely clear, IT WILL BE THROWN OUT. All Court cases, must be filed with filing fees, no freebies, do not use the governments money at any time. Any questions, feel free to call.