We are offering the amazing business funding build-out program detailed below for $995. It includes both the build-out and access to all that MMU offers. To be eligible for business funding all a person has to have are an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which can be done very quickly online at www.IRS.gov and to create a C-Corp (not an LLC) through their state website.

These two steps are not hard, but some of the legal language may be intimidating. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY A SERVICE TO DO THESE TWO TASKS FOR YOU. Be a smart investor and educate yourself about these important factors: an EIN and a C-Corp.


We have set up an amazing new partnership with the best company in the USA focused on helping people get new BUSINESS Credit without using their PERSONAL FICO SCORE!

As you know Business Credit is the very best way to obtain funding.  Your liability is limited and there are amazing tax advantages as well as the fact that you are building an asset that you can use to acquire other assets!

This simple Done-4-U program will step-by-step get you about $60,000 in a few months. This is not a get-rich-quick or instant funding solution. This builds your new company from the ground up with a very strategic process of obtaining the right funding and credit cards at the right time.

1. Store Cards
2. Gas Cards
3. Lines of Credit
4. Cash Cards
5. Bigger Cash Cards

For people with weak credit this is a very inexpensive, simple program to rebuild your credit, build a valuable asset, and become financially independent in months, not years!

This program is also highly recommended for EVERYONE who wants business credit, not just for those with weak FICO scores!

For more information on this product send a request to FinancialFreedomPartners@mail.com and one of our mentors will send out some more info!  The basic cost upfront for this program and consulting is only $995.00. This includes access to our Video Course library of over $55,000 in video courses and materials. It also includes mentoring and access to all our other private services, products, private webinar training, income ideas and opportunities, etc.

Up to THREE companies can be used to generate $180,000 in credit and  build out THREE 80 Paydex Score Companies!  

NOTE:  If you have a 3-year-old company for a couple dollars more you can get up to $150,000.00 per company.

We continue to help our new members by researching and developing amazing relationships with the best connections on the planet!

Send your name and phone number and best time to call (with your timezone) to: