FOUR FAST Ways to Enhance Your Credit for Million-Dollar Funding!

1. Remove inaccuracies. Inquiries, judgments, bankruptcies, liens, etc. Many of your bad marks are outdated, inaccurate or illegal and can be removed. There are fast methods and slow methods, depending on the type of debt.

2. Add legal tradelines. Did you know there are legal ways to add or build tradelines to your files?  There are two types of tradelines: primaries and authorized user. They can raise your scores 30-40 points each.

3. Negotiate settlements with creditors.  Experts we know can go to the creditor and quickly change bad credit to good credit with a simple agreement to repay with a small monthly payment.

4.  Discharge your debts using expert legal remedies.  Did you know there is a legal remedy to discharge your debts permanently.  Your debts are marked as “PAID IN FULL” and you keep the title to your car or other debt.  Get your credit cards or loans, PAID IN FULL with an expert legal team.


The DEBT DISCHARGE PROGRAM Offered By Our Strategic Legal Resource Is Actually a THREE Step Process That Takes You To Total Credit Restoration Of Your FICO Scores, Then To Lines Of Credit Funding  UP TO $400,000, And Then To A Joint Venture Investment Opportunity With Their Team Of Investors Leveraging Your New Good Credit AND Funding INTO a substantial PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME Every Month!

What if you had a legal remedy to get your debts actually discharged   PAID IN FULL!   Yes, there is a legal remedy available to get your car loan, installment loans, etc.  PAID IN FULL. 


And our contact has a strategic legal expert who does just this.  NOW, you can turn your bad debts or current debts into a WEALTH CREATION PRODUCT!  Turn every negative or loan payment into a PAID IN FULL debt, where your FICO scores go up dramatically as well.  This program is ONLY offered to Joint Venture Partners, who participate in this THREE Step Program and are MMU Paid Members!  *NOTE: All Paid MMU Members, get access to over $100,000 in financial educational videos/courses/mentors/100% funding program up to 6 Billion, Free Licensed product rights, Referral Agent Status with 3% commissions on helping others obtain financial freedom,  as well as our other High ROI partner program.

*NOTE: If you DO NOT wish to participate in the JV Investment Opportunity, you will need to Pay As You Go for the credit restoration and debt discharge program.  (Several thousands of dollars depending on your credit files).

Once your debts are eliminated or taken of the credit files,  (8-12 weeks on average), you will be in a position to get funding UP TO $400,000.  (Amount depends on many factors on a credit file & there are 20% success fees on all funding!) Having this funding will then allow you to JV with them to lease, rent, and use your credit for a substantial monthly fee.

Having this funding will then allow you to JV with the investment team to lease, much of your credit and earn a PASSIVE MONTHLY return usually from $5,000 to $20,000 for LIFE!

You will be able to invest where the rich invest. The rich keep getting richer because they invest in places where the Average Joe cannot.

*SOON after you will have the opportunity to qualify for TWO to THREE Million in Funding to further your investment opportunities.

One of the strategies of the investment team is how they use a SWEEP ACCOUNT, REAL ESTATE , 144A Bond Funding,  US Treasury Bonds,  as well as a LIFE Insurance product, and other investments using money that can be LEVERAGED up to 40 to 1!

  • IT GETS BETTER! ANOTHER WEALTH CREATION BENEFIT OF THE INVESTMENT PROGRAMS….. One of the most amazing benefits of this investment is that a tax structure will be created to reduce your tax burden by 98%.  The greatest creator of wealth are reduction of taxes, which account for up to 71% of your spending dollar!)

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Credit Score Optimization Tips

Adding primary trade lines can take your FICO score from Good to Great!

Here is Ms. Adam's credit file without primary trade lines. It's good, but not great.

Here is Ms. Adam's credit file without primary trade lines. It's good, but not great.

Just sixty days later,  all   three credit bureaus show increases of at least 77 points! This is the power boost that trade lines deliver. 

Just sixty days later,  all three credit bureaus show increases of at least 77 points! This is the power boost that trade lines deliver.