Our TWO step Credit Restoration Program! FAST: $999

Value: Over $7,500.00

*Note: This program includes a $1500 VIP MEMBERSHIP worth over $150,000 and is priceless with access to our HIGH return investments (some over 250% a month)

Their are only 2 Simple, Easy, EFFECTIVE, & Proven Steps to raise your FICO scores to 800+

1. Our resource will remove all Negative inaccuracies in 20-60 days average. They use a different method for each type of negative! These methods are FASTER, LEGAL, and MORE EFFECTIVE, than any other method used by amateurs. Don't listen to those promising faster results. Credit Bureaus don't act that fast unless the process used is ILLEGAL! You didn't mess up your credit in 2 weeks your not going to get it fixed in 2 weeks.

2. Once your files are clean, our resource will then add up to 4 actual VENDOR PRIMARY tradelines. Lines you can actually use to purchase products. Some are aged. Secondly, they will add THREE HIGH VALUE AGED PRIMARY tradelines 4-6 years old. 99.9% of companies advertising Primarys are BOGUS! You must actually take OWNERSHIP of the lines! This is the only way to purchase tradelines! These lines upload on the 22nd of each month. All orders have to be ordered by the 17th of each month.

These lines include installment, auto, revolving, and Mortgage. We include 2 installment lines on your FICO. Auto and Mortgage and additional tradelines are available at slightly higher costs.

See the proof of postings below.

Optional Credit Restoration Program 4 Tradelines... $499

Value: $4000.00

This program includes the same benefits as the $999 Credit Restoration Program, without the 3 HIGH value Primarys.

We include up to 4 vendor primarys however, and the $1500 VIP Membership, etc.