And the pitch is as easy as this:  "So, I'm contacting you because I found/saw your information on ____________, and I read/saw how you won court case so/and/so for XYZ Amount of Money....   So, you went through the trouble of fighting a lawsuit and spent tons of your time and money on lawyers, not to mention the drama and turmoil I'm sure......and you won!...  BUT... you haven't made a dime yet (or, you haven't recovered the full amount yet).... because the other party is hiding or hard to collect from or has no assets (or , it is too long, hard, and arduous to lien up and foreclose their homes, or too slow to garnish 10% of their wages for the next who knows how long?!??! ?? Well wait no longer...spend no more countless hours dealing with this drama. Just CASH OUT, close this chapter of your life, become wealthy, and live your life a new, you deserve it!   My name is XYZ and I'm an private contractor, but I work with a company with very powerful connections, and the bottom line is that  I can help you sell your judgment within 30 days to a private bank who thinks its valuable!!  We can pay you anywhere from instant 5% of the judgment value, within as little as 7-10 business days, or possible as much as 50% of the entire face value of the judgment. Much better than the $0 you have collected so far!"

Obviously that sounds very car salesman-y but it has all the information in there, I don't necessarily recommend you read it like that but that is the pitch and that's all you really need to know to get started!  There is no training necessary! Anyone with a brain can do this! And it is the easiest thing to sell on the flat earth!

Do it yourself...scout the world for judgments in as little as 30 minutes a day. Look in the news...Hulk Hogan just won $115 million front page of news...find people track them down (their address/phone/email is on their court paperwork which is all public you just need to do some legwork,  or... just use narrow down reverse search based on city, county from the newspaper articles) must WATCH the news, and your Facebook feed ever day! Don't you see everyday a victim of police brutality or false imprisonment win $9 million, $12 million, $30 happens every day just use and look for it, for example, google "police brutality victim wins judgment" , "police brutality victims wins million dollar judgment", etc. Play around with 10, 20, 30, 40 variations of the search string, and read all the articles on the first page or two of Google's results! This is SOO EASY. And.... I also have lists of other prized sites to cut down the time researching...but I will give those to the people I see work the hardest and get the best head start above everybody else. 

Another GREAT SOURCE (probably the best? source).... BROWSE every state or county court records through their websites, and/or the federal court records website ( 

Do so,  in your pajamas over a cup of coffee on your laptop at home, while cooking in your kitchen, or from anywhere in the world...on your laptop or on your phone. Do it at the tiki bar on the beaches of the world for all I care!  Start acting and dining like a millionaire NOW because if you motivate yourself to do the work, there is no doubt in my mind that you and I together will become one!!  

Seriously tho friends, ANYBODY no matter how busy they are, can squeeze in an extra 30 minutes while cooking, while doing laundry, while on their phone waiting in a doctors office or while eating lunch out or anywhere!    I personally eat out quite a lot, often alone, and I take my laptop or smartphone and pick up where I left off scouting the federal court website for judgments over $1.5 Million and making a list, to contact later the next day when in my office.  When I am dined, and place my order, it usually takes 20 minutes for my food to be ready anyway so in the meantime I am plugging away online looking up news articles, googling, etc etc!!!   Actually, what I've found is that scouting for 3 or 4 days a week for leads, and then spending the last 1, 2, or 3 days of the week to do the calls, this way you are more efficient and can place call after call after call.  Yea...I wouldn't leave a salesy voicemail I would make sure you don't dump the pitch until you get the live person you are looking for!

Another you can recruit a friend, partner, your family member, or study buddy in the status course, OR, anyone who needs a job? Classified ads in newspapers, Craigslist, etc... and you can find another person to do the scouting for you and you can just do the "sale" presentation,  OR, you can scout and outsource the sale to someone you explained this to, who "gets it" and is as motivated and excited as YOU and WE are...and you can split your commissions with them...   O, and if you can't find a good presenter and YOU yourself are NOT good at doing the tactful "get your foot in the door" pitch to possibly someone ready to hang up the phone on you (but, possibly not!)... then you can just outsource that to US BECAUSE WE WOULD LOVE TO DO IT...   just...your commission will be diced up a little smaller, but it can still me in the six and seven figures or higher --- PER SALE!!!

Folks.... JUST   ONE  SALE  is all you need to make more money than you have in the past 12 months combined!!!

OR, RECRUIT ONE PERSON TO WORK FOR YOU and split commissions with you ( can have them just work for an hourly rate,,, you are free as a independent contractor to do whatever YOU WISH...heck get your lazy 14 year old son or daughter to do the work for you!! They don't pay you rent or take out the trash!  Make them do it for a ride to their favorite hobbies, we call that an "allowance" when I was younger....anyway the point is you are free to do whatever you want. There is basically ZERO TRAINING other than a few motivational emails/calls.  You are NOT an do not report to us.   

Folks you can start your own legit company doing this, and pay your employees 10% you keep 90% of your cut, I care not. Do the work once, recruit 1 body to go out and hit the streets or websites or craigslist or go to the court's websites like or state court websites, etc. 

And...if you never started a business this is your business, and your "excuse" to apply for a big line of credit, and/or to write off most of your lunches, your new computer and supplies, phone bills, car, insurance, part of your rent/home payments, heat/electric, repairs, water bill, ALL THAT you can write off as a BUSINESS EXPENSE if you start or form your own UBOT (Unincorporated Business Trust), SPC TRUST, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, CORPORATION, or PARTNERSHIP, or MINISTRY.

For the first FIVE PEOPLE who qualify by sending one quality judgment, I will also pay you $1000 in CASH, instantly, even if we don't cash it!!! This is in addition to the $75,000-$50million commission due in approx. 30 days closing time.    But that is only for the first FIVE **PEOPLE** but those five people who ACT FIRST, get the $1000 bonus FOR LIFE.... if you are not one of the first five, you do not earn anything up front. Right now, as of April 22, 2016, this is the launch of the push so there are five empty slots open ready for you to earn $1000 even if we can NOT cash the judgment!   But, attached is a criteria list, that you can use to narrow down, and if you do all these steps, you will find a "Quality Judgment" that is approx 80-90% chance CASHABLE!!!     I just want to pay you a front end and a back end whenever possible, but I can't afford to do that for dozens and dozens of people that I expect to join the contest.

So, get to work!!

That's it.

Email us to get started...

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Pointers on Buying or Selling a Business

1. Buyers won’t pay more for potential.

I regularly speak to business owners who believe they have a potential gold mine and expect to command a high selling price based on perceived potential alone. This isn’t how it works. If a business is simply a concept without a proven revenue stream then there isn’t any value in the eyes of the vast majority of potential buyers.

If they were interested in developing their own business from the ground up there are numerous resources to help them get started and they would not be looking to buy something already established in the first place. Buyers want to acquire something that is already successful, not an unproven concept.

2. Buyers are interested in profits, not revenue.

Another common misconception is that buyers are impressed with revenue figures. Sure, they can sound good, but when it comes down to it the only number that matters is the profit a business turns. Take a look at these two scenarios:

  • Business A: $30,000 monthly revenue, $25,000 monthly expenses, $5,000 monthly profit and $60,000 annual profit.
  • Business B: $10,000 monthly revenue, $1,000 monthly expenses, $9,000 monthly profit and $108,000 annual profit.

The monthly revenue for the first site is three times more than the second business, but the actual profit is almost half. Experienced business buyers want to see profit numbers, not revenue.

3. Buyers expect verifiable financial claims.

If you are going to claim revenue from a specific source, you need to have verifiable proof. For example, if you are selling advertising space directly, be prepared to show invoices as well as bank statements that show matching deposits. If you are generating revenue through affiliate offers or third-party ad networks with an online business, be prepared to show deposit records and even access to your accounts online so both parties can see the accounts live. I advise clients to use TeamViewer or Skype as a practical way to verify financial claims on smaller business sales where using an accountant is not always practical or cost-effective.

4. Don't live in the past.

The previous success of a business is largely irrelevant at the time of sale, especially if it has been struggling lately. Buyers are interested in recent performance (usually the last 12 months) and future sustainability and viability, especially if you operate in a dynamic space (such as with websites). I commonly hear sellers talk about how successful their business was in the past after a recent drop and "all it needs is a little work to get back on track".

Unfortunately, buyers don't see it this way. They aren't interested in fixing and recovering your business, especially if you are expecting them to pay a premium. However, don't be afraid to show previous years if the business has been growing steadily. Buyers love to see growing revenue and profit figures, especially if you have already made future plans for the business that seem realistic based on past performance.

5. Honesty is the best policy.

The truth is going to always surface, so be upfront about everything from the beginning. Experienced investors understand that every business is going to have positives and negatives. There is no such thing as a perfect business.

If you are honest and transparent from the start there is less risk of a deal going sour because the buyer uncovered something during due diligence that wasn’t accurate or an instance where the truth was stretched. Honesty is the best policy in all business transactions and selling any business is no different.

6. Expect to answer a lot of questions.

Businesses -- especially those run 100 percent online -- are forever becoming more popular, with so many people looking to become independent and quit their nine-to-five jobs. Consequently, it has lead to a lot of inexperienced buyers inquiring about businesses for sale, which can be a significant time drain, unless you use a broker whose job is to handle questions and vet buyers for you. Selling yourself will lead to a lot of questions -- and you need to be prepared to answer them all, regardless of how simple they may sound.

Never judge a buyer. You never know whom you are dealing with or the buying power they possess. Someone asking what appears to be a simple question could potentially be a buyer that is new to the specific industry and have deep pockets for investing. Experienced buyers will often hammer the seller with questions in an attempt to turn up inconsistencies and red flags.

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