Ready for's new up to $25,000+ funding program for all of you with 622+ FICO scores? 

We have a contact at a Military Credit Union and a CFO-guaranteed loan program where the CFO will guarantee the loan to get you funded.  After 9 loan payments to the escrow company, the CFO-guarantor pays off the loan. You do not have to sign any loan docs, there is no risk or liability to you. NO, this is not a misprint. Read all of the details but it's like getting $20,000 or more in FREE Money!

We know this sounds too good to be true but once you receive the funding in your bank account you pay the Guarantor a percentage of the funds and any other backend fees owed. For this your obligation after 9 months is over and you walk away with the commission!

(NOTE: You MUST have been in the military or have a relative who has served to qualify for this program.)

You have to see this to believe it!

  1. We have a company who has a contact at a credit union who has a loan program.

  2. This loan program comes with a guarantor with 800 credit scores.

  3. The bank loan is signed by the guarantor so you only sign the broker agreement with the processor, not any bank docs.  Get it now?  Your risk is eliminated.

  4. You need a 622 credit score on Transunion AND Experian.

  5. This loan will report to your credit bureau for 9 months and be closed after 9 months paid in full. Your score will go up 30-40 points.

  6. The Credit Guarantor takes 55% of any loan amount.  Another 12% goes to us to pay processors, referral fees, etc.  This is paid by you within 24 hours of receiving your loan amount.

  7. This leaves 33% left of the loan amount.

  8. You will put in escrow 9 months of payments once you receive loan.

  9. Once the 9 months is completed your loan will be close as paid in full

  10. What is left after you put 9 months payments in escrow is yours to keep.  The guarantor will close out the account paid in full after 9 months.

  11. Maybe 25% give or take a few percentages.  This is basically free money for you to use your commission as you will.

      12.  The loan can be up to $100,000 when it's done in about 5 DAYS you will get about $20,000 or more clear.  All loan amounts may vary depending on the guarantor's credit report.

     13. We give a referral fee of $1,500 on every funded program! Start helping people out of the rat race and give them a chance to create their own financial independence! Find one person a week who wants free money!

$15000.00 x infinity helping people get $20k to $25k or more FREE.

Upfront fee for this amazing program is just $300 UNTIL JULY 7, 2016.





NOTE: Do not ask us questions through email or call for information. Everything you need will be added to this page.. We will not offer this opportunity again until JULY.