Funding Information Required To Proceed


Full Legal Name:_________________________________________________________________

Address:_____________________________________ City________________ State________ Zip:_____________

Mobile Phone: _______________________________ Second Contact Number:___________________________

Email:_________________________________________ DOB:____________________

What are your current three credit scores: _____________    _______________    __________________

(If you don’t have them go to and sign up for $1 and get them.)

Are you employed: Yes__________ No_________ Documented Monthly Income:_________________

Have you ever or currently trying to repair your credit with another company? _______________

Our contacts can obtain funding based on household income. What is your household income?_________________

Do you have any recent derrogatories, judgments, liens, late payments, inquiries, etc. in the last 2 years?_________

Have you file bankruptcy in the last 5 years?__________ Foreclosure?__________

Do you need funding to start a business?________________ To help an existing business?________

Real Estate?______________ Other investment opportunities? _______________

Do you require our help for ideas and suggestions on ways to increase your income?_______________

Although we try to eliminate as much out of pocket costs for our clients, nobody works for free, and there are many costs associated with various services. Credit repair and aged corporations, and some other funding sources require upfront costs, consulting fees, expenses, or other costs. How much capital do you have available to get started on one of our programs? Estimated between $____________ and $______________.

We may have funding programs to help you get started. They will require at least a 620 credit score with no recent derrogatories or verified income. Do you have either of these? __________

Do you understand that Millionaire Mentor University Inc., Kidpreneur University Company, and Credit Millionaires Inc., are consultants and do not lend, finance, or obtain funding for any clients? We have contacts who process financing applications. We include mentoring with our financing sources to insure you are able to obtain the most amounts of funding, in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount of time, effort, and costs.

Our mentoring costs are $300 per hour and we may or may not waive these costs depending on individual clients. We reserve the right to charge or waive these fees depending on various circumstances and relationships. These costs include phone consultations, email communications, third party calls on behalf of the client, and all other costs.

We do not sell investments, charge upfront for credit repair or mortgage elimination, although our contacts may charge consulting fees as well. In addition, we may work from time to time with Non Profit Organizations who request donations for their work. We are not investment advisors and do not claim to be.

Disclaimer: We are not a Certified Financial Advisor, U. S. Securities Dealer, Stock Broker or Investment Adviser. We are business consultant and processor acting in the capacity of a financial intermediary who provides educational advice to private individuals on or about personal & business matters.

Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States securities act of 1933 (THE"ACT") and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the act.

Refund Policy: The contacts that we refer you to, have their own Terms and Conditions on refunds.  Please see their agreements for information. Regarding Millionaire Mentor University and Kidpreneur University, we do offer a refund minus Consulting Fees.  Refund payment are made within 30 days of written request.



This Agreement is made as of _______________________, 2016 by and between _____________ officer for _______________________ an Ind. Agent (“Disclosing Party”) with its principal office at 3500 S. 92nd St. Suite 6, Milwaukee, Wi . 53228 and Mr/Mrs __________________________________

(“The Recipient”) with its principal place of business ___________________________________

________________________________________________ .

The Recipient has indicated an interest in discussing and obtaining some pertinent information on how to acquire business and/or personal credit funding and repair. The Recipient has requested that the Disclosing Party make available to the Recipient certain confidential or proprietary information about the “Company” and its business for the purpose of evaluating the possibilities of eliminating mortgage. As a condition of providing Confidential Information (hereinafter defined) to the Recipient, the Disclosing Party requires the Recipient to agree to the following terms and conditions.

All information relating to the process and related companies, all Proprietary

Information, any and all trade secrets if given, received, narrated or explained to the Recipient(s) by the Disclosing Party, or accessed by the Recipient(s) are highly confidential matter and must be treated as such by the Recipient(s) at all time. Accordingly, Recipient(s) has agreed that except in compliance with legal process, he/she will keep secret of all Confidential Information and other confidential matters of the Disclosing Party which are not otherwise in the public domain and will not disclose them to anyone under any circumstances whatsoever.

The Recipient(s) has also acknowledged that he/she is in full understanding that he/she will not divulged or otherwise disclose to anyone at any time and to hold in confidence and to refrain from disclosing any information to anyone or discussing any information with anyone at any time whatsoever.

This Agreement is the entire agreement with respect to the subject matter hereof and will inure to the benefit of the Disclosing Party and its successors and assigns, and will be binding upon the Recipient.

Disclosing Party:                                                                                                       Receiving Party:

By: ____________________________________                                                    By: _____________________________________________

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Date: ______________________                                                                             Date: ______________________________