The Greatest Wealth Creation & Financial Freedom Programs Ever Developed To Take Virtually Anyone From Rags To Riches in WEEKS, Not Decades!

There is no secret to Ultimate Financial Success You Do Certain Things and you get CERTAIN results.  Your Goal Should Be To Obtain The LARGEST Amount Of Other People’s Money In the FASTEST Amount Of Time With The LEAST Amount Of TIME & EFFORT!

You want to use a lot of someone else’s money and a little of your own.  You must have enough financial intelligence to use Good Debt to create ASSETS, not LIABILITIES!

 We have amazing strategic contacts  who will take you to Financial Independence the Fastest way imaginable. If you have the common sense, discipline, and can follow directions you are just a few simple moves from the Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle. Make money while you sleep. Spend your days doing what excites you.



 Up to $200,000.00 or more in as little as 3 weeks.   This program includes: 

1.   We have a resource who can get your FICO scores to almost 850 in TEN BUSINESS DAYS.  No negatives, 12 primaries added.

 2.   We can then get you up to $200,000 in not one but two rounds of funding.  Total:  $400,000. (success fees are due upon funding) **Note if you add an AGED CORPORATION we can get you about double that amount.

 3.   Then you proceed to immediate income-producing investments that make money while you sleep. We are not investment advisors, security analysts, or money managers. We do have proven and simple resources who are!  We have over a dozen areas which you can create instant wealth from.

 Nobody has what we have.  We have spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars investigating, researching, evaluating, studying, monitoring, and testing the best methods of making money.  If you want to partner with us or travel it alone, we have solutions.

 *Money is not FREE or CHEAP,  you must make the best use of the money that does pass through your hands.  Their are backend success fees which the vendor and FSC earn that vary depending on the program, but the great thing is that we have resources who can offer you huge returns almost IMMEDIATELY from your investments.  This has the ability to offer you instant retirement in many cases!  (Please see our disclaimer, as we are not financial advisors, Accountants, legal advisors, security analysts, you must still do you due diligence and work to find what is comfortable to you!)

*ALSO NOTE: if you have good credit you can bypass the credit repair and go direct to funding. You’re only a couple weeks from Financial Freedom!

NOTE:  ALL TIME FRAMES CAN VARY AS THE FINANCE WORLD IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE!  This is NOT a get rich scheme, but a proven formula taught by the smartest and most successful experts in the world.

To begin the process, email us at for an application or call 800-532-9690 to speak to a financial mentor.