The Greatest Wealth Creation & Financial Freedom Programs Ever Developed To Take Virtually Anyone From Rags To Riches in WEEKS, Not Decades!

There is no secret to Ultimate Financial Success You Do Certain Things and you get CERTAIN results.  Your Goal Should Be To Obtain The LARGEST Amount Of Other People’s Money In the FASTEST Amount Of Time With The LEAST Amount Of TIME & EFFORT!

You want to use a lot of someone else’s money and a little of your own.  You must have enough financial intelligence to use Good Debt to create ASSETS, not LIABILITIES!

 We have amazing strategic contacts  who will take you to Financial Independence the Fastest way imaginable. If you have the common sense, discipline, and can follow directions you are just a few simple moves from the Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle. Make money while you sleep. Spend your days doing what excites you.


Up to $200,000.00 or more in as little as 3 weeks.   This program will:             

*Allow you to get from $50,000-$90,000 in AGED Corporation funding in less than 3 weeks.  The vendor will build out the Aged Corp with a 5-10 Year old corporation,  build out a Dun & Bradstreet profile with over 25 services,  add up to 11 high value seasoned tradelines,  perform a rapid rescore, etc.  and they will do it in days, not months or years!  They will obtain this funding by creating a new legal Secondary Credit profile with 800 FICO score in a few days as a guarantee.  No need to use your current FICO scores!The following services may be needed to get your corporation ready for funding, there may be other services added in addition to these…

*5-10 -years plus Corporation

*Articles of Incorporation

*Corporate Identity Kit

*Virtual Office Setup (First month's fee included in price)

*Office Phone Setup (First month's fee included in price)

*EIN Number

*Dun and Bradstreet Number built out with up to 14 tradelines

*Domain Setup (First month's fee included in price)

*Corporate Email Setup (First month's fee included in price)

*Website 3 to 5 pages (First month's hosting fee included in price)

*411 Listing & all Yellow Page listings

A foreign Entity if your corporation needs to be transferred to your state.

*Certificate of good standing

*800 number and voicemail

*Invoices, logos, stationery, or business cards

*Once built out properly the Aged Corporation will have a market value of over $50,000 and the FICO file value is over $6500 (1500 Credit buildout + $5000 in tradelines).     (See comparables online)

There are NO other FEES or COSTS to pay after funding, saving you TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars!

*Money is not FREE or CHEAP,  you must make the best use of the money that does pass through your hands.  Their are backend success fees which the vendor and FSC earn that vary depending on the program, but the great thing is that we have resources who can offer you huge returns almost IMMEDIATELY from your investments.  This has the ability to offer you instant retirement in many cases!  (Please see our disclaimer, as we are not financial advisors, Accountants, legal advisors, security analysts, you must still do you due diligence and work to find what is comfortable to you!)

AND there’s more…

Another strategic contact will remove all imperfections  from your Current FICO scores and add tradelines, get your original FICO to 800 then get you up to another $150,000 in personal funding!  ($6500 value)

The total value of these programs are over $60,000.00  but your cost is only $1,500 upfront! 

*You will also receive a complimentary VIP Membership to Financial Success Club which includes over 1500 Financial Education courses,  blueprints, videos, private mentoring, free webinars with special guests,  tax strategies from top CPA’s, access to our private investment and income opportunities not available to the general public,  access to our strategic connections,  over $2,000 in FREE gifts including online gift cards, vacations, and more.


*We have vendors with 100% FINANCING already in place financing for MULTI-MILLION-dollar businesses already operating and profitable. (They can also find them for you in your local market.)  *The only cost to acquire these operating and highly profitable businesses is about $10k for the opportunity.  Imagine, buying a Multi-Million-dollar business for 10k!

* We have a relationship with Universal Theaters where they will finance up to 2 Million in one of their projects.  All you need is an application fee and licensing, permits, and other misc. costs, which vary depending on their businesses which include Movie Theaters, Nightclubs, Sports Bars, Big Box retail, Supersize Dollar Stores, and many more.

*Access to our vendors, traders, etc.  who have Immediate income-producing investments which make you money while you sleep.  These returns can range from 20% -200% MONTHLY, even more!   These are investments only for our members and clients.  They are not offered to the general public.

*The cost of a 2-12-year-old corporation in the market is $3k-$12k.  Your cost is only $3000—a savings between $2,000-$10,000 and includes a $500 VIP Membership to Financial Success Club.

*The cost of the 2-week credit wipe by the expert can range from $1000-$2000 depending on your files, but you will be paying only $200 upfront costs, which are included in the initial $1500 cost. The tradeline value can be up to $5,000 or more.

*ALSO NOTE: if you have good credit you can bypass the credit repair and go direct to funding. You’re only a couple weeks from Financial Freedom!

WEALTH CREATION PROGRAM 2:   1.5 MILLION Dollars in FUNDING + UNLIMITED (up to 100%) Real Estate and Business Financing!

*Our strategic resources will clean your personal credit files with up  to 5 tradelines in about 10 days and add tradelines for funding.  (You will be able to get up to $150,000 at the same time you get Aged Corporation funding).

*They will Build out an AGED Corporation for you with the same 2 dozen Dun & Bradstreet services above, including up to 14 tradelines, etc.  (*If you have a two-year-old aged corporation with no negatives you can also save yourself $3,000 on the backend cost of the Aged Corporation!)

* The vendor also includes a RAPID RESCORE option, ($300 which must be paid by you upon completion of adding tradelines, normally its $500)

*If you have an aged corporation and $3500 you can go direct to building a D&B corporate profile add tradelines and going direct to the AGED Corporation funding up to $500,000 & 1 Million line of Real Estate credit, and Up to $!50,000 in personal credit  funding. This process will save weeks of time as it takes only about 4 weeks to build out the Aged Corp properly.   

*Lenders and processors take huge risks with these loans, as well as earn money for their expertise so they charge success fees.  There are 30% backend success fees due upon funding only on the corporation and personal funding only. *There are ZERO fees on the 1 Million in Real Estate line of credit.  

NOTE:  These fees can be recouped in as little as 2 weeks with huge investment returns on Immediate income investment programs.  you will have the opportunity to get into the investments and income opportunities that the general public cannot by having this prior relationship, including our  VIP Membership included in this program.

Our resources using these methods also get you:    

*The value of this completed Aged Corporation is between $50,000 and $60,000  (see online research).  You won’t  pay even close to that (after funding).  The aged corporation,  D &B buildout,  Credit repair, personal and business tradelines (up to 20),  etc. will only cost between $10,000 and $15,000, not $50,000.  (Paid after funding)

*5-10 times more funding than anyone else,which also allow you access to more, bigger, and better opportunities not offered to the “average joe”.  This money is much cheaper than taking a partner with money, who will take 50% of your income for life and then own your company eventually, cheaper than “hard money”, and allow you to acquire below market assets that you can only acquire when your “liquid”.

*You will have created assets with your FICO scores and Corporations that will allow you get get virtually unlimited funding, and can be used to create other assets.  Create hundreds of thousands of corporations and assets.

*Much lower interest rates because of the high credit scores, saving you an additional hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years of your loans                     

* Access to our HIGH ROI investment opportunities not available to the general public. You can partner with us on new opportunities that come to us virtually every week!    Quit your day job,  retire,  do what excites you.

*Access to tax experts who can reduce your tax liability up to 98%, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life.  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth.  

*You get access to our  vendors with up to 100% funding for turnkey businesses, real estate, and Universal Theaters business opportunities, with very little out of pocket expenses.  Acquire performing assets using NONE of your or others money!    Control MILLIONS in assets virtually overnight.

This program will only cost $1,500 down.  The rest of the discounted costs can be paid AFTER initial funding. 


*If you don’t have $1500 to begin either of the first 2 programs, we have a solution!

*We have a 30-45 day credit repair resource who will add up to 5 tradelines, then get you immediately a loan without your FICO score for up to 3k!  Now you can use $1500 of that to enter either of our other TWO programs, speeding up your access to funding by months!

*The cost to get this RAPID RESCORE and Funding program only requires $500 to start.

NOTE:  ALL TIME FRAMES CAN VARY AS THE FINANCE WORLD IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE!  This is NOT a get rich scheme, but a proven formula taught by the smartest and most successful experts in the world.

To begin the process, email us at for an application or call 800-532-9690 to speak to a financial mentor.