This is How Your Mortgage Banker Has Fooled You:


Having altered the original document, the promissory note, it is deposited at the local Federal Reserve Bank as new money. "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles", the governing corporate accounting practices states: "Anything accepted by the bank as a deposit is considered as cash." This new money is now a three-to-ten times fraction of what the commercial bank may now create and do with as they please. With this scheme they are taking your asset, depositing it, multiplying it and exchanging it for an alleged loan back to you. This may constitute deliberate theft by deception. In reality, therefore, no loan exists.


At this point in the process, they have now transferred and deposited your note (asset) to the Federal Reserve Bank. This note will reside and be concealed there. Since they've pilfered your promissory note, they owe it back to you. It is YOU therefore who is actually the creditor. This deceptive acquisition and concealment of such a potentially valuable asset amounts to 'Fraudulent Conveyance'. In legal jargon, the term "fraudulent conveyance" refers to the illegal transfer of property to another party in order to defer, hinder or defraud creditors (You). In order to be found guilty of fraudulent conveyance, it must be proven that the intention of transferring the property was to put it out of reach of a known creditor - in this case, you.


Once they have perpetrated this 'fraudulent conveyance', the creditor then establishes a demand deposit transaction account in your name. The newly created/acquired ‘note' on your property is then deposited into this account with the Federal Reserve Bank and drawn money/assets against your 'note' which is in your name. The ''Mr. Banker - Your Mortgage Company'' is paid against your name on your note and then they turn around and demand you to pay them back again on a monthly mortgage for the next 30-years which is usually the life of a mortgage loan. In other words, 'Mr. Banker - The Mortgage Company' is getting paid twice on something that was never theirs in the first place.


New money was brought into existence by the deposit of your agreement/promissory note. If you were to pay-off the alleged loan, you would never receive your original deposit/asset back (the value of the promissory note). In essence, you have now paid the loan twice. Simultaneously, the banks are able to indefinitely hold and multiply the value of your note (by a factor of 10 to 33) and exponentially generate additional profits. For an agreement or a contract to be valid, there must be valuable consideration given by all parties. Valuable consideration infers a negotiated exchange and legally reciprocal obligation. If no consideration is present, the contract is generally void and unenforceable.


The bank never explained to you what you have now learned. They did not divulge that they were not loaning anything. You were not informed that you were exchanging a promissory note (which has a real cash value) that was appropriated to fund the implicit loan. You were led to assume that they were loaning you their own, or other people's money, which we have established as false. They blatantly concealed this fact. If you were misinformed, according to contract law, the agreement is null and void due to "non-disclosure". Contract law states that when an agreement is made between two parties, each must be given full disclosure of what is transpiring. An agreement is not valid if either party conceals pertinent information.


Again, this process of Eliminating a Mortgage for you is not an easy process. We go through 2 to 6 months of intense, tedious and continuous barrage of communication and  negotiations, both by mail and by phone, between us and the legal department of the corporate office of the mortgage company. It is hard work and time consuming but we get the job done and that's the bottom line!

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