It’s so simple…

1.   Get your credit restored to 800 FICO by removing negatives and adding positive tradelines in a matter of a few weeks!

2.   We get you funding up to $300,000 or more if desired, usually in a week or two.  You still must have an income! You’re going to use borrowed money to create ASSETS, not Liabilities!

3.   Invest it in Immediate Income Producing Investments that pay you quickly, so you can pay off your loans and retire at the same time.

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Or at least…

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There is no secret to living the life you want.  Follow a couple simple, easy, proven, rules of wealth creation and it can be right there in your hand for you AND your loved ones.

And the best part is it can be done in WEEKS, not YEARS!  If you already have some money or can get a hold of some, there are smarter ways to invest it than a 401k, a slow as molasses retirement plan, or a down payment on a new car.

 You need to invest in IMMEDIATE INCOME PRODUCING INVESTMENTS that make money, large amounts of money WHILE YOU SLEEP pay you now rather than later.

We have those strategic companies who generate large returns.  These programs are not offered the general public because of laws, but for our members, partners, and clients, the world is ours!

We’re not talking about 1% a year as a CD, or 6% with a 401K, or the hope and pray method with a stock.  The investments we also invest in make money monthly or quarterly so we can actually LIVE the lifestyle we want and quit our day job, retire, or do what excites us with our day.  Our resources return from 20% a month to 250% a month or more depending on the investment.  And here is the best part, our resources do something no one else does.  They guarantee your investment from loss.  You won’t lose anything! 

 The simple, proven steps are easy to do….

First, if you have funds already, even just a couple grand, we will give you a free $1500 VIP Membership into our club, with any investment.

This membership entitles you to access all our resources, educational materials, and amazing strategies not known to the average Joe!

 That’s where you finish!  Just invest and sit back and retire once your returns start coming in.  A $5000 investment can return $50,000.00 in 120 days with just one of our resources.  Invest $25k of that and in

Another 120 days it is now $250,000.00.  Get it?

Second, if you don’t have the funds to start investing, then you need to go get funding based on your credit file.  You need to do what the broke people don’t do, turn your good credit into creating assets not liabilities!

 Simply let our processors get you a large amount of funding to invest.  It’s always better to use a little of your own money, and a lot of someone else’s money!  Money is not free or cheap, but with the high returns your costs are recouped in a matter of several weeks, not years.

 IF you don’t have good credit then the first step is to get CREDIT RESTORATION.  This involves not only removing your inaccurate

Negatives from your 3 FICO bureaus, but adding positive PRIMARY tradelines,

Like auto loans, credit cards, etc.  Did you know you can purchase these near dead tradelines from companies who purchase them from banks?   Banks have bad debt and sell them to companies who resell them to us.  Once you acquire that debt instrument you can then build up your credit file in a couple weeks not 10 years!  We have these instruments-primary tradelines very inexpensively.  IF you can find a legitimate company offering them legally, they will charge you 5 times what we do!

There you have it.  Just find the HOLY GRAIL investments that pay you now, not years from now. 

 Turn borrowed money into assets that you can invest, turn a 10% interest payment using other people’s money, mostly the banks, into

250% returns!  Do what the rich do.

Use a Good Credit Score into a wealth creation tool!

Contact us to get a FREE evaluation with one of our mentors!