We are working with a trader with excellent results over the last 2 & 1/2 years. He is wealthy and has been trading bitcoin. His return on investment, with exception onweekends & bank holidays are 8% on investment weekly!

Minimum funds to start is $ 2,000 and the initial payment is by credit / debit card into the trader's account. Funds will clear in 72 hours, after which you will receive an email with an invoice of product matching your initial payment for your protection. After a level of comfort is reached additional funds may be sent via wire to the traders account.

Each weekend we will send a total in your account. You can request the profits or some of the profits funds by sending a request by email and the funds will be disbursed by the following week. This invitation is for serious clients whose intentions are for long term investment rather than someone who wants in for one week and then leaves. (Of course an emergency would be an exception). There is a separate $150 signup fee for administration costs payable to 911MoneyStore.

**** Trader has a monetary cap. Once reached program will be closed to future clients. Trader is in the United States of America.


  • Clients are averaging about 8% per week and you can compound it!
  • Referral agents get 1% of this amount
  • Stop losses are in place
  • Funds are pooled from all clients into one fund then dispersed weekly on Fridays
  • We request funds be left in at least 30 days, then you may take out your initial investment or roll it over.
  • Any return requests are paid in cash and are requested on a Friday and paid out the next Friday.
  • Initial investment payment of $2,000 and the $150.00 signup fee can be paid by CREDIT CARD if desired for your protection! (An invoice will be created for you to insure credit card refund if needed)

If interested in participating in this program send email to:

You will need to fill out a client information/payment form and investment application.

Disclaimer: We are not certified financial advisors, U. S. Securities Dealers, Stock Brokers or Investment Advisers. We are business consultants and acting in the capacity of a financial intermediary who provides advice to private individuals on or about business matters. Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States Securities Act of 1933 (the “Act") and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the Act.