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People can’t give up the safety and security of their job.  They can’t put their family at risk.  After they’ve worked hard all their lives to get where they are, they can’t risk that to start their own business.    Most people do not want to change. They do not want to alter their lifestyle.  They give over inflated importance to their career, life, and success.

If you think that hard work alone will bring you wealth you are missing the boat.  7 days from now you will miss another week you will never get back.  There is a big difference between someone who says "I don’t want to be poor" and someone who says "I want to be rich".  Ask yourself what is the next step.  People may get older but they don’t ever grow up.   They expect someone else to be responsible for their lack of wisdom, common sense, and they spend their lives avoiding risk looking for surrogate parents to take care of them.

The problem is most people would rather do things the hard way.  They’d rather work hard for the rich than work hard to make themselves rich and do what everyone else is doing rather than do what the rich are doing.  They are clueless to the fact that with just a little bit more information they can make all the difference in the world.  1% difference in your education and financial intelligence.

The problem with a job is there is no long term residual value. With a business or real estate your labor used to acquire it can be rewarded over and over again. You can be paid for something that may have taken less than a week to do.   The other problem is that with a “job for money” is that you have to start over each day earning money.  Your labor has no long term residual value.  Your job is also something you cannot pass on to your family.  With this money method you have to work harder and harder to make money.

Here are a quick dozen problems with a job:

1.       You can’t pass it on to your children or loved ones.

2.       It doesn’t build any equity.

3.       If you don t show up you don’t get a paycheck.

4.       You don’t get to be your own boss

5.       You only get a tiny wage while the owner gets money from all the employees.

6.       You have to ask when you can go potty.

7.       You have to ask if you can take a day off.

8.       You can get fired for one slip up.

9.       You don’t get to keep 100% of any profits.

10.   You get paid the expensive way, so the government can tax the hell out of you and pay you what’s left.

11.   You can’t work your own hours.

12.   You may not like the boss but you’re stuck with them.

13.  You have to put your kids in a day care where their 33% more likely to catch viruses, become hostile, aggressive, and 100 other undesirable traits.

14.   Boss tells you what time to take lunch.

The Best Money Method On The Planet!

Make money helping others achieve Financial Independence!

When you want to make large amounts of money, your focus should be on what you can give, not on what you can get.

Many people just need a little help to break free from financial slavery.

People who are credit-score-challenged because of medical issues, student loan issues, etc. could use some help obtaining aged corporations or other funding options.

These people are willing to reward people who have already obtained funding and offer to help them obtain funding.  The average “funding angel”  who can help others obtain funding may receive $2,500 on a $2,000 loan, in as little as 30 days.

The best part is that this can be repeated many, many times a month!  Many people could use some “Startup Help”.

Talk to a mentor about this amazing opportunity to help others while making a substantial income.

While we do not offer investment opportunities, we can put you in touch with persons who need your help!

If you would like to be put on our “Help With Funding” list, or become a “Funding Angel”  please Contact Us!  Our mentors will contact you with more information.

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Click the image to learn more about DEBT ELIMINATION!


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