Legally we both have to and want to say this--and it’s really important for you to know.  We have taken much effort to accurately represent this information and its ability to help you!  But NO, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme and we certainly cannot guarantee that you will achieve anything  or earn a nickel here.  There are no promises or guarantees as to how much money you will make.  No honest or ethical person would ever promise you they guarantee you will be able to make any specific amount of money; only that the potential when properly applied works. Some of the information in here was borrowed from some of the greatest wealth creation experts in the world, from Warren Buffet to Ben Franklin to Andrew Carnegie.  If we don’t borrow ideas from these type of people whom should we use?    We do not give legal advice and this site is for educational use only. So many factors determine your success.  Stuff like business focus, and your goals, your financial situation, third party involvement, your ambition, and business savvy, decision-making, and intelligence.   Our only guarantee is that we can get you what you need to get started on your path to outrageous success.   By using any of these opportunities you agree to these statements and agree not to hold our company liable for your results or certainly for  your actions.  You also agree to let us know if you are unhappy with this information so that we can address your concerns, refund your money, or help you in any way we can.

All New Clients that wish to proceed to the ONE to THREE Million Dollar funding programs will need to enroll in our FINANCIAL SUCCESS CLUB CRASH COURSE and Fly to one of our Training Facilities around the country upon the first round of funding.

(Cities vary depending on the time of year)

*Unless the funding client can demonstrate that they are already financially solvent, and have access to income producing opportunities.  Even so, there is so much amazing financial educational training and access to income methods and more that the course should pay for itself in less than one week.  The information is priceless and there are MILLIONS of dollars in strategies and blueprints that will save someone 1000 times the nominal cost.

The $55,000.00+ Crash Course is taught once a month at one of our facilities.

*The discounted cost to those in the funding program has been reduced from $55,000.00 to $15,000.00 for funding partners only. (Hotel is furnished but not airfare nor expenses.)

The reasons for requiring this course be taken are quite obvious.

1.       Although most people understand their own business well, very few people know how to effectively manage an infusion of millions of dollars of new funding.    Our objective is to help everyone involved become more successful; business owners, investors, lenders, underwriters, and sources who lend money at a high risk to themselves should all feel confident that their investments are being managed wisely.  We assure them that our funding clients are well educated in investment, real estate, businesses, new product development, franchises, or other income producing ideas and opportunities.

 2.      We offer consulting, training, mentors, licensing rights, and more on programs and services we have already proven generate large amounts of cash flow.  If you want to be successful, all you need to do is “copy” what other ordinary people are doing to make all their money.  Our training covers opportunities that require minimal effort, autopilot income methods, little investment of your own capital, and require only a quick training program.

 3.      The best investment is the one you make in yourself.  YOU are your best investment.  Financial intelligence is the first step to creating Financial Independence for yourself and your loved ones.  This is by far the smartest investment you can make.   You will learn the following in our 16 hour A to Z Millionaire Mentor Crash Course.  Remember, if you know what you’re doing you do not need a lot of time.  Time is expensive.

4.      We need to protect our lenders, investors, and processors.  There are high risks with large amounts of funding.  There is no one in the country that is able to do what we do.  NOBODY.  We need to protect them from undisciplined people who don’t know what to do with all that money.   This money is not cheap. It needs to be invested intelligently for faster returns so they can pay their loans back.  If they stop lending to our clients we are out of business.  This also protects US and YOU!

5.      There is another spectacular benefit of spending the weekend getting financially educated on a world class level.  We don’t just want clients, we want partners.  They have all this money and need to know where to put it wisely.  We have several well researched, proven, and tested, income methods that they can participate in as an equity partner with ongoing Profit Sharing!  This means auto pilot income without having to manage anything.   While no ethical company would guarantee any financial returns, we expect great success with our partnerships and business acquisitions.

 You instantly become a Financial Mentor and you will be included as an equity partner on ANY investment or business acquisitions your clients participate in.  The profit sharing is exactly what you get for the referral itself:  2% of the net monthly profits.  You will receive a partnership agreement when a client participates in one of our partnership businesses.  This is basically more FREE money for you on a residual basis.   We strongly believe in the referral business model, and this insures its success.  

The referral agent also gets 10% of the Course fee, which is $1,500 at this time.  Course fees may go up or down depending on many future factors.  But for now, you make an additional $1,500 for every client you bring into the course, in addition to the thousands of dollars you make on one single referral client you help become financially independent.

 A.  How to become rich using the banker’s money.  We have the best product on the planet, MONEY.  Everyone wants money.  People come to you, there are no sales involved.  We show you how to create a network of 5 finance agents then merely become a “Millionaire Coach”, put your life on auto pilot so you don’t have to be there and make thousands of dollars a day from your beach house.   This program is so easy; it’s just hard to believe.  That’s because most people think you have to work so hard to make more money.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

B.   The $50,000 - $100,000 Real Estate Profit Machine, using little or no money.     This is the easiest and safest way to make money in real estate.  Money method number ONE, period.   Anything else is a waste of time.   The secret to making money in real estate is one… Financing, NOT location!  Without financing you have nothing to sell or make money with right?  We show you how to acquire real estate with little or no money.  We mean OWN real estate without money.  There is property in most local markets you can OWN for little to no money.  NOW, your profits are guaranteed.  Get it?

C.  We are going to help you get your bachelor’s degree and we are paying for it!  We have the same college degrees and can use your life experience, etc.  To get your 4 year degree.  If you have a degree, were going to get you your Masters Certificate.  This is a $40,000 to $80,000 Product and was including it in the Millionaire Mentor Crash Course.

D.   The ‘BUSINESS IDEA FACTORY”.    Learn how to create Million Dollar Products every day, how to launch them without using your own money, and create instant success.  Includes our $10,000.00 Licensing agreement, and over 100 other legal documents worth over $100,000.00.

E.   The Multi-Million Dollar “Virtual Real Estate” Automatic Money Method.              We are going to show you in minutes how to acquire “INSTANT”  income producing established turnkey websites, that require very little if any upkeep, experience, technical knowledge, or expertise in creating large daily unlimited income streams.

F. $2,500 worth of ONLINE Gift Cards!  Not only are you going to get $2,500 in online gift cards to make purchases on many websites with thousands of products and services,  but were going to show you how to acquire $250.00 in Gift Cards for $12 each!  It’s the same as printing money!  This product alone is worth Hundreds of Thousands of dollars.

G.  FREE Vacations for Life!    Yes, we know how to acquire Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in Free Hotel Gift Certificates, Vacation Vouchers, and other perks for around $1 each or less!   Never pay for a vacation again.

H.  Shared Yacht Membership.   As a graduate of Millionaire Mentor Crash Course, you are expected to live the “Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle”.   This means you will need to have as much fun as you want, and to spend each day as you want.  With our corporate “Shared Yacht” membership program, you are entitled to use any of the many types of boats included in the membership.  There are Hundreds of boats you can use for FREE.  Just go online and register to take a boat out.  Sailing, Fishing, Pontoon Boats, Speed Boats, Power Boats, even the BIG boats, although you may want a captain so you can focus on other fun stuff.   Just pay for the Gas.   No cleaning required!    Value:   $20,000 a year.

I.    The 100% $100,000.00 Funding Mentor!   Yes, when you can acquire any business or start any new product without any of your own money and do it over and over again, the information is worth MILLIONS of dollars.  We have a mentor who can help you get up to 100% funding for ANY good investment.  Franchise!  Real Estate!  Business Acquisition!  New Product Launch!   This comes with 6 months of Mentoring, Consulting, Business plan creation, (worth $5,000 by itself), and tons of other expertise.  While this requires a small cost to acquire this mentor, it will save you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in saved investment money.  Imagine getting a $500,000 Franchise without using any of your own money?

J.   The 87 Wealth Creation Secrets Crash Course!   There is no secret to becoming rich, it’s like the rules of nature, you do certain things you get certain results.   This training teaches the critical things they still don’t teach a Harvard MBA.  Poverty is passed on generation to generation.  It’s time to stop it dead in its tracks.

K.   FREE $1,000 in Restaurant Gift Cards!   Saving a dollar is 100 times smarter than making a dollar.  Save Hundreds of dollars every single month on eating out with a special Restaurant Gift Card we have.   We are giving you $1,000 if that’s ok with you, then we will show you how to acquire all you want!

L.    The Step by Step secret an online Guru told me who makes over $2,000,000 a WEEK online virtually on Auto Pilot!  Once you see how easy this is done, you may not want to do anything else on this list, but it’s for real and it works 100% of the time.  Others are making millions as well.  Fifth grade education required.  Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

M.  The second best Real Estate Income Idea.   This is an amazingly easy way to flip real estate to investors.  Investors are the easiest way to offer real estate for sale.  There already waiting for your properties!  We have the secret on how to acquire these real estate deals wholesale without having to gravel, negotiate, beg, or hunt neighborhoods for these bargains.   If you want to make $25,000 to $100,000 per deal putting this on auto pilot, we have the solutions.

N.  How to access your Federal Reserve Birth Certificate account.   Yes, you have an account the government created when you were born with your birth certificate this account has Millions in it and can be used to discharge most of your debts.

O.  Pay Zero Taxes.   Why do you think Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see his tax returns?  He doesn’t pay any taxes.  Why don’t you do what the rich people do, pay little to no taxes.  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth.  They graduate to 70% of your income.

P.  The amazing secrets on how to live the Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle and Ultimate Financial Freedom.  You don’t want the biggest business, but the one that bothers you the least, so you can concentrate on the really important things in your life- like your relationships.

Q.  The 30 Incredible Leadership qualities, that will change everything about your life and how you live it from here on out.

R.   How to discharge all your third party debts.   You are not required to pay these so get rid of them, now and in the future.

S.   The $300 a minute trade profit platform.   We have a PhD.  Who with a few weeks training will show you how to generate $300 with the click of a mouse and you can do it, many times in the morning.   He has developed Multi-Million Dollar software for this.

T.   The $1000 a day College Level Equivalency tests.   We are going to show you how to generate $1,000 a day helping employees get better jobs and better pay, while helping the employer save THOUSANDS of dollars from each tuition the help students with.

U.   How to start, buy, build, and sell businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.   Once you understand how easy the formula is, you can do this over and over and over again and make unlimited money.

V.   How to acquire abandoned houses for FREE AND where to get homes for between $1 and $10,000!  We have the simple formula to do this effectively.  Further education on this is suggested, as there isn’t enough time to cover all the legal requirements.

W.   The one day MBA!  Everything you need to know explained simply.   After this, you will know more than 99% of MBAs!  IT’s Entrepreneurship on steroids.  Auto pilot wealth secrets are included.

X.  The $30,000.00 a month Amazon.com Income method.   Think about it, the largest site, clients come to you, Amazon fills the orders!  Nothing could be easier!

Y.   Our Partnership Business Opportunity.  We have found 6 Multi-Million Dollar Successful Businesses you can partner with us on with your investing dollars or good credit!  These are equity /profit sharing business opportunities that can produce passive income monthly for years to come.  Some we may flip for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in 6-12 months.

Z.  How to take a company from ZERO to 100 Million in no time flat.  We have a mentor who does just that for fortune 500 companies and he can do it for you to. 

*Over 200 Video Courses from Successful Mentors in over 100 Money Making categories, and business skills.

*Over $100,000.00 worth of Legal Documents

*Over $50,000.00 worth of other products and services.

Call  800-532-9690 to leave a time when a mentor can call you back to answer any other questions.

Our FOUR CORNERS Educational Course.

We have developed our FOUR CORNERS system of financial education to train our students in the most effective way possible.  The FOUR CORNERS process allows anyone to learn the secrets to wealth creation much more quickly as well.

The FOUR CORNERS system of financial education is simple.  "Keep it simple, stupid."  Easy enough for a 12-year-old to understand and implement.

In order for a table to be stable and stand upright properly, it needs FOUR Legs.  With three it’s too easy to tip; it’s unstable.  Without all FOUR legs it’s not as effective.

We have developed the FOUR CORNERS Education System so that any student regardless of age, location, gender, education, experience or skills can start and succeed in any area very quickly.  The system is the solution.

This FOUR CORNERS process covers the 4 areas of Financial Education necessary to create the most likelihood of success for all.

These Four areas include:

Ultimate Real Estate Strategies - FOUR CORNERS Average People Use To Generate Massive Success.

Ultimate Investments- FOUR CORNERS The Super Rich Use To Invest Successfully

Financial Accelerators -FOUR CORNERS The Super Rich Use To Create Wealth.

Billion Dollar Rolodex - FOUR CORNERS That Ordinary People Use To Create Tremendous Success In ANY Area You Want

Once someone understands these 16 strategies, they will understand the basic concepts that will propel them to unparalleled achievement in business and life.

This information is not taught at any business school or MBA course. 

1. Automate everything
Don’t ever take shortcuts during the set-up of your business that leave any part of your business requiring manual intervention.

  • Make sure your lead generation machine actually works like a machine

  • Make sure people are smoothly passed through your sales funnel

  • Make sure that sales and delivery are automated, or handled for you

2. Your business must be manageable from anywhere in the world

By achieving automation and ensuring that any tasks can be handled on your behalf, you can create a business structure that allows you to dip in as needed, so you can think strategically and tweak from the top.

 This means creating an intelligent, automated business system that allows you to view from anywhere and not get bogged down in small details.

3. Don’t do low-level tasks

 Whether you outsource routine tasks, or directly employ somebody, make sure you are not undertaking daily routine maintenance of your business.

Employee a virtual assistant for example. They will be able to handle your emails and filter out those which do not require intervention. They will be able to talk to clients and only pass on those who require a more in-depth discussion.

 And it’s the same for tasks such as new graphics, webpage design tweaks and coding.  Get somebody on board who can handle it all for you, in the way you want.

4. Your business must nurture repeat clients

 Once a prospect has been pushed through your sales funnel and buys from you they must be immediately pushed straight down a second sales funnel to nurture them for another purchase in the future.

 This should be seen as an infinite sales loop. Whenever a sale is made, they are looped into a new sales funnel which takes to the next conversion point.

5. Your business must be infinitely scalable

 Your business model must be able to cope with upscaling. This means repeating what is successful in terms of products and services, repackaging, adding new products and services, whatever it takes.

 So having an idea for your business which is truly viable is key. You won’t make your lifestyle goals running an online pencil sharpening business, for example.

Financial Success Club Crash Courses Include---

Three Amazing Videos on Funding:

  • Equity Financing: How To Raise A Huge Amount of Money

  • Learn To Raise $100K Crowdfunding

  • Hack The Crowd: How To Raise $1M In Crowdfunding

  • Online Text Courses

  • Videos

300 Business, Entrepreneur, Life Skills and Health Seminars

400 Real Estate Courses


10 Real Estate Seminars and Bootcamps

29 Real Estate Videos, Audio and Books


We have 3000 Locations In 900 Cities We Do Our Crash Course Training!