The Millionaire Research Factory is our investigative team of experts who scan and search the planet for the most lucrative money methods.  Our team of researchers and experts follow a FOUR step Millionaire Blueprint to find the most lucrative Money Methods. 

First, we INVESTIGATE dozens of income, investment, and business opportunities every day to find the products that are making ordinary people extraordinary wealth. Then we EVALUATE and study it, test it, monitor it, to make sure it can produce what we think it can. We don’t want the biggest business, but one that bothers us the least, so we can spend our time on the really important things in life, our loved ones. Third, we then CREATE a better version. Everything is a version of something else. Fourth, we want to be able to DUPLICATE it. We want multiple streams of revenue and the opportunity to teach others to make money with the exact same processes others are using to create their millions.

This is our 4-ATES process.  Investigate, Evaluate, Create, and Duplicate!