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Imagine owning a Multi-Million-dollar existing business that is producing hundreds of thousands in immediate income (some of them producing millions of dollars a year, or acquiring your own startup business using little or none of your own money, or acquiring real estate investments with up to 100% financing.  

The strategy is to use a little of your own money and a lot of someone else's money.  Even if you had your own money,  why would you want to use it?

The best formula is to actually buy real estate with a business on it.  That has the potential for the highest returns on investment.

Some of the businesses include...

  • Dispensaries

  • Hotels

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

And dozens of other types of businesses or real estate.  Remember though, your goal is not to have the BIGGEST business but the one that BOTHERS you the LEAST!  You want to focus on OWNING businesses not RUNNING businesses.

Every type of business or real estate has it's own requirements.  Some are turnkey, some you can start up with financing, and some with financing in place already.

NOTE:  You should not be even thinking about owning a business or real estate until you have PASSIVE investments in place that are making you money WHILE YOU SLEEP.  Only then should you be looking at owning a business or real estate investment.  

Our 3rd-party investment experts can help you to obtain funding to purchase these businesses!

  • We have (with our 3rd-party investment resource) a commercial property program that creates a million-dollar asset and income virtually overnight, and all of the commercial properties are under contract with our resources investment firm.

  • There are other requirements to own and operate any business or real estate as well: 

  • Some may require experience in the field you want to invest in and some may not!   

  • Some may require upfront fees, closing costs, down payments, etc. which our 3rd-party resources can help with!                                                                                Some may require financials and other credit requirements some may not.

  • Some may want a piece of the profits and some may not.

Click here to view some of the possible requirements you may need to provide or get from a seller of the property!

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