DISCHARGE ANY DEBT!—Our resource can get rid of almost any debt!

We have an amazing resource who can discharge virtually any debt.

STUDENT loans - Takes about 2-4 months, unless collection letters come later then we deal with them if they pop up, then eventually it disappears forever!

IRS debt!  This process can be full year or longer, but in the end, there’s no debt!

Credit Cards!  This is a relatively easy process and the more accounts the cheaper it is, and the accounts need to be over $3000 or it’s not worth it.  Takes only 2-4 weeks usually.

HOSPITAL BILLS!   These can take only 6 weeks to clear off.

CHILD SUPPORT!    Can be done, but takes several months, very involved.

Judgments!  This is very involved and is done on a case-by-case basis.

All these types of debts can be removed permanently for you.  This is not a cheap service as many hours, and very specialized experts spend a lot of time and money in document preparation.  However, if you understand contract law and the "system”, these debts can go away forever.

To review your debts send MMU@mail.com  all  documents related to your debt and include your contact information for a free consultation.

*DISCHARGING ANY DEBTS THE WAY THE COMPANY DOES IT REQUIRES YOU BECOME A SECURED PARTY CREDITOR.  This requires an extra fee, and can take up to 4 weeks to become and will cost over $1,000+.   This is a small price to pay for your independence and to discharge TENS, or HUNDREDS of thousands of debt.

If you do not know what a SPC is visit understandcontractlawandyouwin.com