The $5,000-A-Day Money Method While Having Coffee!

 If you want a proven and easy way to make all the money you want, you don’t need to look any further. Seriously.

We have the most life-changing product ever developed.

What is the one thing virtually everyone on the planet wants?

They want access to more money. 

Having access to money solves virtually 99% of your problems.

It can help eliminate health issues.

It can eliminate stress.

It can improve your quality of life.

It frees up your time to do other things.

It can give you and your loved ones a better education.

The simple fact is that having access to more money gives you options.

The best product is a financial product that improves the quality of life for you, your loved ones, and those you come in contact with.

The financial education process Millionaire Mentor University follows is to help people get access to more money. We do this through our “Funding Funnel” where we get the average person large sums of Other People’s Money through LENDERS who have lots of money to loan.

Once someone has these large sums of CASHFLOW, they can invest and take advantage of opportunities and investments not normally accessible to the average person.

It’s that simple. Give people access to large sums of money, then give them the tools and financial education necessary to invest in the right income producing investments that generate instant income.

Now here is how you can make $5,000 or more every single day having coffee, lunch, or dinner. There is no guarantee you will make this amount of money. No ethical person would tell you this. We only tell you the opportunity exists depending on your ambition, attitude, and desires.

When you do the math, you will come to the same conclusion. You can really make all the money you want!

*We know we have the very best product imaginable.

*We have a product virtually everyone wants, more money.

*We know that money can create Financial Freedom for virtually anyone.

*We know money can create the Ultimate Leisurely Lifestyle for virtually anyone.

This is our simple 3-step formula for making all the money you want:

  1. Make a complete list of EVERY group, meeting, or event in your area every week. This includes: networking events, singles events, real estate groups, meet-up groups, business lead groups, etc. There are literally dozens and dozens of them each and every week.

  2. These events are merely set up for people to meet other people and NETWORK! What could be more easy? You’re there for the same reason they are there, to meet you! You just swap business cards. Our business cards are very effective at stopping people dead in their tracks and pique their curiosity. Why? It’s about the MONEY! Most people have no clue how to break free from the day-to-day grind of living paycheck to paycheck and you have the solution!

  3. They call for a free 15-minute mentor consultation after they visit the website. You receive 2% of all funding fees new clients pay on their back- end funding. Money is not free. There is a cost for money, especially large amounts of money. Ever watch “Shark Tank”? Investors take 50% or more of the money they lend and take 50% of the profits for life! Money is not free and that’s why people who use “Other People’s Money” need to invest in where it gives the fastest returns and the most improved quality of lifestyle.

     When Solomon acquires say $500,000 in funding and credit for their investments your 2% is $10,000.00! We can obtain clients as much as ONE Million Dollars depending on their situation.

     This process can take from as little as 10-days to as much as 10-weeks depending on the situation. That’s a very short time to wait for Financial Freedom! 

    Imagine helping people improve their lives. It’s the most amazing feeling. We get many, many emails daily from clients thanking us for helping them escape the daily grind of life. You will experience the same joy helping others.

     You see, we have found the secret to making all the money you want.

     When you want to acquire wealth, the focus is on what you can give, not on what you can get. By helping others, you help yourself.

     To be considered a Mentor Coach for us, simply request a FREE mentor 15-minute mentor session and we can evaluate each other and see if we are a match!

     You’re only one small step from Financial Freedom.

     Best of Success!

    The Millionaire Mentor Team