WE have TWO resources who can get you up to $1.5 Million Dollars in Personal and Business Funding in as little as 2-4-or 10 weeks, depending on the type of funding!


1. The Greatest Wealth Creation Program We have Ever Found….. An  A-Z funding program with over $35,0000.00 worth of services for only $1,500 down payment.

This program could allow you to quit your day job and retire in as little as 6-10 weeks!

This program includes…

A. A superfast 30 day credit wipe program using Affidavits, and other methods unknown to other credit repair companies.  (This is not an exact science).  The value of this is priceless.   If you don’t need negatives removed then go to the next step...

B. The resource we have will add up to 5 Primary Assumable High Value legal tradelines to your FICO files.  The value of this is over $5,000.  A 3 day RAPID RESCORE is used to speed up the process!

C. Once your FICO scores are up to 800 in a few weeks , our  resource can get you a small amount of funding to pay for the next steps.   ($20,000-$40,000)

D. Our resource will then get you a seasoned aged corporation which is needed to obtain larger business funding.  This will also include building out a Dun  & Bradstreet business profile with over 25 services including a website,  virtual office, and two dozen other services which are needed to obtain larger funding amounts.  You want the most money to invest in bigger, better, and more opportunities and investments that the “average Joe” is not privvy to.    This program also includes adding up to 12 Primary business tradelines to the corporation and your Dun & Bradstreet profile.  (Over $20,000 in value)

E. Once this profile is built out our resources can generate up to $500,000 or more in Personal & Aged Corporate funding and over 1 Milllion in Real Estate funding.  We have real estate funding resources that can fund 100% of your real estate projects, even without using your FICO scores!  This process is very fast with completion in as little as 6 weeks!

F. Once you get your funding you need to invest it in IMMEDIATE income producing investments.   Money is not free or cheap as their are expensive fees we incur for doing this process which can generate 10 times more funding than any other funding company.  Their are several opportunities to invest in programs with 25%-100% monthly returns on your investment!   These are not public and are not offered to the general public.  You will have access to investment and income opportunities only the rich are offered.   This is where you can quit your day job,  your business, retire, or focus on what excites you.  Ultimate Financial Freedom.

G.   The cost for all these services are worth over $35,000

Your costs are paid on the backend after your intial funding.(other than the $1,500 down payment).

●    Credit Wipe: $300-$1400 depending on how much is needed.

●    Aged Corporation:  $3,000  ( Value: up to $12,000)

●    Dun  & Bradstreet buildout:  $4,000   ($2k goes to Financial Success Club/ $2k to the processor)  A $8,000 value!

●    Rapid Rescore:  $300  ( A value of $900)

●    Tradelines:  $6000-$10,000 depending on how many are needed.  ( Up to $20,000 Value)

●    Up to $400 in misc. Costs for things like Foreign Filing, etc. 

●    TOTAL VALUE: Up to $35,000

●    Your cost;  Around $10,000 PAID after initial funding.

NOTE: With the Real Estate 1M in funding their are NO success fees.  With the aged corporation or personal funding their are 30% backend success fees.  Their are high risks with this type of funding and many many hours are performed by experts to obtain this amount of funding.  This is why you must have an investment opportunity(s) which we have for you.  You will now operate like the rich do,  borrow other peoples money at a small percentage and invest where you can generate returns of 50%-100% monthly!

To get more information on this program email a request to: mmu@mail.com