15 Quickest Ways To Create ONE MILLION IN CASH Liquidity: NOT PAPER ASSETS!

Most Millionaires and Billionaires have made most of their money from increased stock value.   They may be cash poor but stock rich.   We want to teach you the “average” person our FIFTEEN fastest ways we feel give you the best chance to make a MILLION in cold hard cash in less than 6 months, with very little skill or experience and the least amount of investment.

1.       Creative Real Estate.  We encounter dozens of properties in every area of the country with over ONE MILLION Dollars in equity WITHOUT even doing any repair work!  You can buy a $2 Million Dollar property today for $1 Million ALL DAY LONG.  Real Estate is also the easiest to acquire financing for. There are more investors than there are properties. Find the property and the money will find you. No money needed.  Most people think this is impossible, who would sell their property for less then what its worth?  Have you been asleep the last 20 years?

2.       Sell Judgments.  This is an unknown goldmine that only one person in a million knows about.  Did you know you can purchase Million Dollar judgments for a few pennies on the dollar, then flip them to foreign investors for 25-50 cents on the dollar?  Other savvy, ordinary people with a little bit more knowledge than you are doing it right now.

3.       Direct Response Television Commercials.   A direct response commercial is merely a commercial usually 60 seconds, up to two minutes that asks for the sale immediately.  You see them all the time.  “Call now and order the $19.95 AB ROLLER!” There are long form (30-minute infomercials) as well as the 60-second commercials.  Telebrands, one of the leaders in this field, won’t even run a Direct Response TV Commercial unless they are sure it will make them at least $35 Million.

4.        Create your own product or idea.  In a day your product can go viral all over the world.  Your only ONE day from becoming a cash millionaire. You don’t even need to invent or create the product, just find a product that is under-marketed.  There are thousands and thousands of products that can make you millions, you just have to find the undiscovered manufacturers with million dollar products!  Even faster is just to license it to a big distributor or company.  They will write you a check in 5 minutes.  Ever watched Shark Tank?

5.       Become a Millionaire Mentor Coach.  The absolute best product you can sell is a financial product that will solve people’s money problems.  Solving a person’s money problems is the holy grail of marketing success.  The bigger the money problem you can solve the bigger the opportunity you have to create more wealth.  Making money is the ultimate product.  If you show 50 people how to obtain financial independence through our funding funnel and income producing investment courses, you can average about $20,000 per each one of the 50 people.   Between personal and business credit, we can usually get people up to ONE MILLION dollars.   We talk to 50 people in one night at a networking event!

  • Average client receives ONE MILLION Dollars funding x 50 clients
  • 50 clients x 2% referral commission we pay you for each client
  • $20,000 x 50 = ONE Million Dollars

6.  Government Contracts.  The simple FACT is that most people became Millionaires from the Federal Government.  The Government contracts out over $100 Billion+ to companies for services and products.   Small business accounts for almost ONE QUARTER of that total! You are only ONE single Government contract away from FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

7. Real Estate Bird-dog. You don’t need to have a single nickel to make all the money you can spend finding undervalued properties for Investors. You don’t need financing, credit, large deposit money or special skills.  Just the right connections and a little bit more information.  Investors don’t have time to look at all the real estate and business opportunities out there.  Simply too many.  There are opportunities in every neighborhood. Find a $500,000 property with an AFTER REPAIR VALUE of say $700,000, that can be purchased at $400,000. This is a very easy type of property to find. Gain control over the property (using our techniques) then sell it to an investor for $450,000.  Your profit is $50,000. Investors will shower you with praise.  We have personally done dozens and dozens of these properties this way in a short time span. It’s being done every day in every city in the country. The best thing about this business is there are unlimited investors and properties so the number of deals you can obtain are unlimited.

8. Pay Per Click. One of the greatest wealth creation inventions in the history of mankind is Internet SEARCH.  While Google is the biggest, they are not the only ones.  Here is how it works: You are looking for “Business Credit”.  Business credit is “searched” 50,000 times a month on Search results.   Your ad or website comes up on Page ONE.  You get only 10% of those people to click on your ad.   Of those who click on your website only 5% of them become customers. That means you generate 250 customers every month. If your average profit for obtaining funding for your client is $2,000, that’s $500,000 a month revenue.  Now you know how companies are generating $100 Million a year online.

9.  Buy and Sell Businesses (using our NO-Money-Down Strategies).   For Example: One of the best businesses to “flip” is a nightclub.  Why? Because a BAR can “ride the wave” of popularity from quick word-of-mouth advertising. Your club can be jam-packed in a few weeks with a few tricks.  Everyone is looking for the next hot club. They can do $30,000 - $50,000 a week with just a few secrets unknown to the typical bar owner. Once your establishment is doing those kind of numbers, the value will be in the $1M-4M range.   Most investors don’t want to do the work to build up a new business, they want something already proven. This can be done in many kinds of businesses, and it can be done in a couple months.

10. Amazon / EBay Blueprint. Imagine having 100 million customers without spending a single penny to generate them. These types of sites, and these aren’t the only TWO, have eager buyers looking for your product. You don’t have to do anything to generate customers but offer a product or service that sells itself. A good example is the Apple iPhone.  There are millions of iPhones sold every single week.  Imagine getting 1% of that money!  Find a product everyone wants, then create a compelling sales copy.  When we first listed the iPhone 6s 64gb on Amazon we had 32 orders in the first hour!

11.  Virtual Real Estate.  What the  heck is virtual real estate you ask?   Lets take a look.....Facebook, Amazon, Ebay,  Get it?  It’s just a digital website, blog, or online presence!
Surely you don’t want the headaches associated with these monsters.  We want you to put your life on autopilot so you don’t have to be there. However,  getting up a Virtual Website is about as easy as climbing out of bed.  OK, maybe a little easier. Here is how the math adds up. You check Google Keywords to see how often a product or service is searched. Let’s take 10,000 for example.  A small number of searches but enough to make money. You buy Pay-Per-Click ads or get it ranked Number 1 on Google search results because the money is on PAGE 1!  If you have the right people and niche, it’s not as hard as you think. Let’s say 1000 people a month come to your site. 100 people buy. You generate $50 profit per sale.  That is $5,000 a month profit. Repeat with more websites and more niche products. 

12. Direct Mail.  Think like a postcard, Valpak, or your own direct mail piece. You start out with Valpak or Money Mailer to start easy. You start small with 10,000 homes.
Of course you have a product to sell. The average response is 1.5%. That is 150 sales per mailing.  A typical  mailing with good connections is around $400 or less.
If your profit is $50 per sale, that is $50 x 150 sales or $7.500 per 10k mailing ONE time a month. Now do it with 5 areas of 10,000 homes.  (Direct Mail usually starts at 10,000 homes.) That is $7,500 x $50 or $35,000!   Get the idea now?  Low Risk- -Gigantic Revenue Potential.

13. FREE, Cheap, or Undervalued Assets.   Here is an example: Did you know their are homes and properties in just about every city for $1? Or at the most a few thousand dollars.  Many need only cosmetic work.  The governments--local, county, state, and federal--all have programs for little-to-no-money housing purchases. Even land and commercial property. In one city we work in,  (we aren’t saying), we work with a non-profit (because they can get properties in some programs for $1.) We help them and acquire their properties, resell them for $50,000 up to $150,000 on average.  We have rehabbers, real estate brokers, and attorneys who do all the work. Millionaire success secret 13. Find Free, or greatly undervalued assets.  They are everywhere.

14,  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FINANCING.  Use 100% financing to acquire high net profit franchises.  Did you know we have a mentor who specializes in working with clients for 6 months, helping them acquire any business, or real estate, or product launch, including inventory, equipment, and virtually every other start up expense with up to 100% financing ? Think about what it would be worth to own a few McDonald's franchises without any major investment. Sit back and collect a few hundred thousand cash a year from each one.

15. Sell iPhones & Samsung Smartphones!  The best product to sell is one that sells itself. Where people are looking for your product.  That you don’t have to own or create. One that has a proven market.  That has high profits.  Get it? We ran an ad for iPhones on Amazon and took 32 orders in a couple hours. There is a way to buy them and a way to sell them. You have to follow this process to be successful, but once you learn this you can PRINT MONEY while automation does all the work!