The Ultimate Leisurely Lifestyle

 (Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire)

The exact moment we are born is the exact moment we begin to die. 

Do we really want to get to the end of our lives only to have regrets?

Ask yourself which do you generally look forward to the most, Monday or Friday?

Does it really make sense to live like a pauper for decades during the finest years of your life?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to raise your present standard of living, and give yourself and your loved ones the highest standard of living you can, while growing your assets and minimizing taxes?

Life!  It’s such a struggle to the vast majority.  A struggle for mere existence.  We live to work.  Why do people fail to obtain financial and emotional success in a world where economic opportunities are everywhere? 

 Where one person can become a billionaire and the hard working person next door retires to a life of mediocrity?  We live in the greatest economic times, with the greatest wealth creation tools in the history of mankind, in the richest country in the world, where anyone of any race, age, gender, location, ability, or education can create hundreds of millions of dollars or more from scratch with just a tiny idea.

What roadblocks stifle them from becoming super rich in the first place, where 95% of people retire to poverty, after a lifetime of painstaking hard work, and cannot even support themselves without depending on government scraps to survive, or putting your financial burden on your children and family.

Yet we somehow believe, mistakenly, that to acquire financial wealth we must work so much harder, and spend more time and energy that we could never enjoy it regardless.  Here is the difference between how the rich think about work and how the poor think about work: When the poor think about working hard, they think only about themselves working hard, while when the rich think about working hard, they think about others working hard for them.

We have been programmed to fail from the start.  Most people struggle with money because in church, school, from our hardworking parents and our peers we are told that we must get a job, and work hard every day.

98% of people in this world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things. The gap between the rich and the poor is now a gap between the rich and the middle class.  One percent of the people own 90% of the wealth.

Ask yourself this…. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to figure out how you can make more money now?  And then raise your current standard of living, to give yourself and your loved ones the highest lifestyle that you possibly can afford?

You must be able to arrange your life around what matters most.   That would be loving, intimate, family relationships because they are the most enduring sources of happiness, peace, and contentment.  Do you really want to have your children grow up with a nanny, child care or stranger?    This is a form of emotional abuse.  Stop it.

When you have to ask permission from someone, whom you probably don’t even like, to “go to the potty”, or when you can go home to your children,  the person who limits the amount of money you can make, while you work at something you don’t really want to be doing,  you do not have ULTIMATE FREEDOM.  Ultimate freedom is what you are seeking.  Anything else is just a form of financial slavery.  You should have an unobstructed opportunity to live the live you choose to!

Quit making excuses, or let others make excuses to keep you down.  Money isn’t the root of evil. Money has nothing to do with it.   Any idiot who ever said money was the root of all evil is someone who is poor and financially illiterate.  Nobody of any success ever said that.  It isn’t money that made you divorced, broke, stupid, lazy, or unhappy, it was you!


Work hard, live below your means, save a few bucks, and payoff that 30-year mortgage, diversify with stocks someone else created even though you have zero control over these investments!  Hey let’s trust the crooks on Wall Street to manage my financial security for my old age and kid’s inheritance.

To the financially illiterate it sounds like a good sound philosophy; to the intelligent person it’s financial quicksand.  It’s financial slavery.

Most people can do extraordinary things if they just had a little bit of confidence to at least try.  Alas, most people never do.  They sit around in front of the television and act as if life will go on forever. Hey 20 years is only one thousand, one hundred weeks.

Freedom to choose is what all people should be striving to achieve.  Having an unobstructed opportunity to live your life as you choose.  You don’t want the biggest business; you want one that bothers you the least.  Don’t do stuff that complicates your life.        


You must find money methods that you can start quickly, that require only a quick training period, can be put on auto pilot by using new time saving technologies and outsourcing all the processes you can.

You want a business that is minutes to cash flow and profitability, with a residual income stream so you can cash your paychecks at the beach, while you have a blast while you last.  

If you want to be in a business that you love, that’s great.  How do you know you will love that business until your knee- deep in it?   It’s not so much fun, when you “love” your job so much you work 2 eight hour days instead of one.  It’s not so much fun when employees call in sick and you have to work more and harder.  It’s not so much fun when the end of the month comes and there is not enough money to pay the bills, and you just worked the entire month for free.

Most high paid professions require major life commitments and sacrifice.  Doctors work 100 hours a week.  Their children grow up without them, outsourced to strangers and nannies. The entrepreneur who lets his children take second place to his work will live to regret it.  It’s all about priorities.  To many children have grown up without parents who chased their dreams or were enslaved with a repetitive form of slave labor.

We are going to show you how to arrange your life so you don’t have to be there.

Most important is your health and the health of your loved ones.  The number one killer of Americans is heart attacks.  Most of this is caused by stress.  Most stress is caused by financial issues.  If you can solve your financial problems you can improve almost every other area of your life.                                                                                                               

Did you know American Presidents live an average of almost 12 years longer than the general population?  That’s because they have access to the best diet, fitness and medical attention in the world.  AND, they have probably the most stressful job in the world.

Only poor people will tell you money is bad, and attack anyone who strives to make more money for themselves, or their loved ones.   They think that money is evil.   Of course this is an excuse to live their life as an underachiever, only weeks from bankruptcy, or being kicked out of their home.  I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor.  Rich is better.


It’s sad but true, that all things we take for granted in our lives we never appreciate until they’re suddenly gone.  Then ironically we finally understand their true value to us. Don’t wait to the end of your life to find this out. Live life so you have no regrets.  Either control your destiny or someone else will.

Time is true wealth.  Forget money or gold.  The best definition of true wealth is saved time.  The true measure of something’s worth is the hours it takes to acquire it.  The easiest way to control your happiness is to control your use of time.  Every 7 days you’re going to lose another week you will never get back.

The greatest lesson of playing the game of life comes at the end.  “It all goes back in the box” someone once said.   One day the game will stop.  Your game is over; it’s time for your children and their children to play the game.  Their game is just getting started.

Find something you can enjoy; it’s the excitement that gives your blood moving. Take ownership of your own productivity and your health. Your health matters to your quality of life!  If you went to an auction and purchased a $10-million-dollar racehorse who just won the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont and the Preakness, would you take them home and feed them a fast food burger, chips, and some Skittles? What are you worth?  Every single food choice you make is either helping you towards optimum health or leading you to disease.

You don’t want a business as large as possible, you want a business that bothers you the least, so you can sleep at night and wake up each morning with a life of possibilities.  Determine success based on the number of nights you spend with your family, being able to attend all your kids’ personal functions, taking trips regularly.  Many people chased their dreams having lost their families and too many children have grown up with an absentee father.

Freedom to choose is what all of us should be striving to achieve.  Having an unobstructed opportunity to live your life as you choose.