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3.  Using Bonds to create wealth.  Free contact information on how financial experts create bonds to make millions.

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5. Russels Futures Training. We have a PhD resource who teaches you how to make about $!500 a day trading futures in an hour or so in the morning. 200% a day returns! Click Here for Info

6. Universal Theaters. We have a resource with a multi-billion dollar company who will put 99% of the upfront money on a business such as Nightclubs, Sports Restaurants, and over a dozen other business opportunities! Click Here for Info

7. Up to 100% Real Estate or Business Financing- We have resources who can help you finance most of your investment! Use a little of your own money and a lot of someone else’s. Click Here for Info

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9. Pay-It-Forward Program. This is an amazing opportunity to help those with no upfront money to start their road to financial freedom. A simple promissory note with the person for $2k and then get 3k back when they get funding after their credit restoration! 50% returns every 60-90 days. And you can do it multiple times as there is no shortage of clients needing help! Click Here for Info

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