If you want the proven and easy way to make all the money you want, you don’t need to look any further.  Seriously.

“Financial Mentor”—Referral Agent Opportunity.

We have the most life changing product ever developed.

What is the one thing virtually everyone on the planet wants?

They want access to more money. 

  • Having access to money solves virtually 99% of your problems.

  • It can help eliminate health issues.

  • It can eliminate stress.

  • It can improve your quality of life.

  • It frees up your time to do other things.

  • It can give you and your loved ones a better education.

  • The simple fact is that having access to more money gives you options.

The best product is a financial product that improves the quality of life for you, your loved ones, and those you come in contact with.

The financial education process Millionaire Mentor University follows is to help people get access to the largest amounts of money, in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.  We do this through our “Funding Funnel” where we get the average person large sums of Other People’s Money through LENDERS and Investors who have lots of money to loan.

Once someone has these large sums of CASHFLOW, they can invest and take advantage of opportunities and investments not normally accessible to the average person. They can invest where the RICH invest.

It’s that simple. Give people access to large sums of money, then give them the tools and financial education necessary to invest in the right income producing investments that generate instant income.

Now here is how you can make $5,000 or more every single day having coffee, lunch, or dinner. There is no guarantee you will make this amount of money. No ethical person would tell you this. We only tell you the opportunity exists depending on your ambition, attitude, and desires.

When you add the math up, you will come to the same conclusion.  You can really make all the money you want!

*We know we have the very best product imaginable.

*We have a product virtually everyone wants--More Money.

*We know that money can create Financial Freedom for virtually anyone.

*We know money can create the Ultimate Leisurely Lifestyle for virtually anyone.

This is our simple 3-step formula for making all the money you want:

  • We can obtain clients UNLIMITED funding for investments, projects, and any other money making or income opportunity. If someone dosen’t have a plan yet, we can help.

  • This funding and credit enhancement process can take from as little as 14 days to as much as 12 weeks depending on the situation. That’s a very short time to wait for Financial Freedom!

  • You make from 3% to 4% of the funding we get clients. If we get a client ONE Million Dollars your referral commission is $30,000-$40,000. You decide how much you want to make. One client a week you help break free to financial freedom can make you up to $160,000 a month.


Millionaire Mentor University is the most comprehensive resource on the planet if you want to achieve FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE AND the OPTIMUM LEISURELY LIFESTYLE!

We have spent THOUSANDS of hours Investigating, researching, evaluating, studying, monitoring, creating, and testing FUNDING OPTIONS options and PASSIVE income producing investments for our members.

If you are looking for:

1. UNLIMITED Personal or Business Funding Quickly: we have the best options from our Thousands of hours of investigation and strategic connections.

2. UNLIMITED FINANCIAL EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND TRAINING MATERIALS that ordinary people are using to create Financial Freedom in the Fastest amount of time with the least amount of time and effort.

3. UNLIMITED PASSIVE Income Producing Ideas, investments, Business and Franchise opportunities, 1000’s of Money Methods, ACCESS to highly successful products that ordinary people are using to create Millions of dollars in the Fastest amount of time.

4. UNLIMITED support from Mentors in the form of Video and Audio courses, private webinars, consulting services and our CRASH COURSE Training sessions held at various times of the year.

Our philosophy is simple…

A. Include resources that can give any ambitious and motivated individual regardless of age, gender, location, skill set, or education the tools needed to obtain the OPTIMUM LEISURELY LIFESTYLE. In other words being able to spend every hour HOW they want to spend it!
B. To help members obtain ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  In other words, let you money make enough money so you can enjoy a PASSIVE lifestyle so you can STOP working and the Money continues to make ENOUGH Money to live the lifestyle you want to live.  That may be different for each person.  You don’t want the biggest business, but the one that bothers you the least!

This can be obtained quickly if you follow the WEALTH CREATION Rules of the Very Rich….

1. Surround yourself with Successful Mentors, they give you shortcuts


3. Become FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT.  Know what you don’t know.

4. COPY SUCCESS.  Simply do what other successful people are doing

5. OBTAIN Cash Flows. The easy way is using Other People’s Money!

6. INVEST in PASSIVE Income Producing Investments that make money immediately!  Acquiring money is not free and you will need to make this money work for you quickly!  You must understand in order to achieve wealth you will have to go into debt. Understand GOOD DEBT.

You must also incorporate TWO revenue types…

  • First, you must make LARGE CHUNKS of money. A little here and a little there won’t do it!

  • Second, you must acquire MULTIPLE STREAMS of RESIDUAL REVENUE. Never depend on one source of money for your survival.

The resources offered you here are no secret.  You must follow proven advice and rules the rich use. 

We continue to investigate, research, evaluate, study, monitor, and test income methods weekly in order to give our members the choices they need to create their ideal lifestyle and financial goals.

We encourage you to start today. A year from now you will still be a year older. Contact us and let's see how we can make it YOUR best year ever...

Running your own brokerage:


One of the toughest things for most young work from home or virtual office people to realize is that you are still running a business and beyond the obvious advantages are still the stark realities. Requirements like a business licence, suitable office space to work in, office supplies, printer/scanner, phone (business line), computer or laptop, etc.

Organization, preparation are essentials to running a solid, successful enterprise. Getting motivated and staying true to the course re: workload that needs to be handled and completed can also arise as daunting challenges to the newly independent work-from-home entrepreneur.

Minimize distractions including the little toddlers and infants as much as we love them. Nothing worse than whining babies in the background of a business call especially when trying to close a large deal. People understand but business people will have little tolerance for that understandably.

Last but not least as casual as we can be in our home environment and not having to wear a suit is very enticing-but the standards where we should never let our guard down- is cleanliness and organization. Uphold these at all cost and it will pay good dividends.                     

2) D.M.O. (Daily Method of Operation) for success!

D.M.O., first time I ever heard this reference was from a superior back in the 90’s when we ran some of the best boiler rooms in the country. I recall thinking, “What the heck is that?”

This targets TWO key areas: discipline and consistency.

When one works from home the sloth like traits of laziness, procrastination and general apathy are always lapping at our heels. Kids, TV, DVD collection, internet, wives. Girlfriends, local watering hole, friends and family dropping in…I could go on ad nauseam unfortunately. These do not occur nearly as prevalent in the office building where you worked for the man but now that you are a home based broker you are dealing with a whole different animal.

In my many years of working from home--all told about 22 years now, I have learned the following tenets when it comes to working from home.

  1. Get up same time each day-workout-walk the dog-dress, etc.

  2. Whatever your work regimen is keep it consistent. Calls, interviews, A/R, etc. Work each facet same time and same hours each day.

  3. Email is the perennial time killer! Book 2 slots a day of 10-15 min. each to open and address emails. Stick to it.

  4. Clean and organize desktop -PC and physical-at end of day or when required. This will help your productive mindset.

  5. The peak performers in any field always load their deck for success and usually get out of the gate in swift fashion.


4) How to submit forms and documents

  1. Use short, concise and clear titles.

  2. If you require addendums or additional info, create a template that accommodates your requirement and makes it simple and easy for the clients to fill out and therefore easy on the eyes of the person to whom you are submitting said docs.

  3. Make your instructions clear for the client so they have no excuse to not get it to you in the fashion you expect. Ask them to title all scanned docs similarly to make it easy for you to download and attach/submit on their behalf.

  4. Highlight, bold, enlarge or specially color any items that require emphasis.

  5. Create a folder for each client and organize and title all docs appropriately before you submit on their behalf.

  6. Open and inspect client documents before you submit so you do not get ambushed or embarrassed later due to incomplete, excessively sloppy or erroneous submittals.

  7. BCC: client so they are in the loop.

Marketing and Advertising:


2) Effective Marketing and Proven Sales Processes

Whatever business you think you’re in, you’re in the marketing business. It's marketing that keeps the bills paid. Without marketing you have no productive activity, just a lonely website, a dead phone, and an empty building gathering dust somewhere.

Marketing is where you make your money. Your business is not cars, toys, clothes, or carpet cleaning. You’re in the business of marketing. These are only the methods you use to make your money.

If you want to know the secret to success it’s hidden in your marketing plan. If you don’t have a plan, then plan to fail.  If you’re not spending at least 25% of your time on marketing, you’re missing the boat. You will always be second to your competition.   Without effective marketing, when you ship comes in you’ll be at the railroad station.

Effective sales copy is the most effective skill you can acquire. It’s not necessary for you to have it, only that you can acquire it. 

You're only one good sales copy from having all the money you want. At any given moment in a product's history there is one best way to present your offer to your prospects, your job is to find it. The difference between a great copy and an average copy is 500 to 5000 percent in sales.

Death is a real problem everything else is just an obstacle.

Effective sales copy is like having an army of salespeople on paper, continuing to deliver the perfect sales presentation. Here's the best part, they never call in sick, get tired, go home, complain, or miss their mark.

The only sales copy you should ever use is a direct response ad.  A direct response ad is still the most powerful and effective way to generate profits. The best part about a direct response and is that you can track results in 30 seconds instead of waiting for months to see if your ad works.

Always be marketing.  And remember, 95% of all advertising is wasted, the other 5% can make you rich. Good sales copy is like a printing press that prints out cash 24/7. It’s like a machine on steroids.

3) Psychology of a Buyer

A. Buyers won’t pay more for potential.

I regularly speak to business owners who believe they have a potential gold mine and expect to command a high selling price based on perceived potential alone. This isn’t how it works. If a business is simply a concept without a proven revenue stream then there isn’t any value in the eyes of the vast majority of potential buyers.

If they were interested in developing their own business from the ground up there are numerous resources to help them get started and they would not be looking to buy something already established in the first place. Buyers want to acquire something that is already successful, not an unproven concept.

B. Buyers are interested in profits, not revenue.

Another common misconception is that buyers are impressed with revenue figures. Sure, they can sound good, but when it comes down to it the only number that matters is the profit a business turns. Take a look at these two scenarios:

  • Business A: $30,000 monthly revenue, $25,000 monthly expenses, $5,000 monthly profit and $60,000 annual profit.

  • Business B: $10,000 monthly revenue, $1,000 monthly expenses, $9,000 monthly profit and $108,000 annual profit.

The monthly revenue for the first site is three times more than the second business, but the actual profit is almost half. Experienced business buyers want to see profit numbers, not revenue.

C. Buyers expect verifiable financial claims.

If you are going to claim revenue from a specific source, you need to have verifiable proof. For example, if you are selling advertising space directly, be prepared to show invoices as well as bank statements that show matching deposits. If you are generating revenue through affiliate offers or third-party ad networks with an online business, be prepared to show deposit records and even access to your accounts online so both parties can see the accounts live. I advise clients to use TeamViewer or Skype as a practical way to verify financial claims on smaller business sales where using an accountant is not always practical or cost-effective.

D. Don't live in the past. 

The previous success of a business is largely irrelevant at the time of sale, especially if it has been struggling lately. Buyers are interested in recent performance (usually the last 12 months) and future sustainability and viability, especially if you operate in a dynamic space (such as with websites). I commonly hear sellers talk about how successful their business was in the past after a recent drop and "all it needs is a little work to get back on track".

Unfortunately, buyers don't see it this way. They aren't interested in fixing and recovering your business, especially if you are expecting them to pay a premium. However, don't be afraid to show previous years if the business has been growing steadily. Buyers love to see growing revenue and profit figures, especially if you have already made future plans for the business that seem realistic based on past performance. 

E. Honesty is the best policy.

The truth is going to always surface, so be upfront about everything from the beginning. Experienced investors understand that every business is going to have positives and negatives. There is no such thing as a perfect business. 

If you are honest and transparent from the start there is less risk of a deal going sour because the buyer uncovered something during due diligence that wasn’t accurate or an instance where the truth was stretched. Honesty is the best policy in all business transactions and selling any business is no different. 

F. Expect to answer a lot of questions.

Businesses -- especially those run 100 percent online -- are forever becoming more popular, with so many people looking to become independent and quit their nine-to-five jobs. Consequently, it has led to a lot of inexperienced buyers inquiring about businesses for sale, which can be a significant time drain, unless you use a broker whose job is to handle questions and vet buyers for you. Selling yourself will lead to a lot of questions -- and you need to be prepared to answer them all, regardless of how simple they may sound.

Never judge a buyer. You never know whom you are dealing with or the buying power they possess. Someone asking what appears to be a simple question could potentially be a buyer that is new to the specific industry and have deep pockets for investing. Experienced buyers will often hammer the seller with questions in an attempt to turn up inconsistencies and red flags.

4) Ten Best Ways to Find Like-Minded People

  1. Use Craigslist automated software to run ads. (We have a file of successful ads you can use.)

  2. Attend local networking events. Breakfast meetings, luncheons, happy hours, and evening events from Real Estate groups, Business Leads, Social Networking Events, Singles Events, etc. (We can show you where to get them).

  3. Facebook ads. One ad can generate 1000’s of clients.

  4. Article Marketing.

  5. Social Media Marketing.

  6. Banner Ads. (Use ours.)

  7. Cost-Per-Impression Links and Ads on niche websites.

  8. Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors.

  9. YouTube Videos and Google Search SEO.

  10. Contact Credit Repair Companies. They have dozens of instant clients.

5) Banner Ads

6) Craigslist Premium Image Ads


8) Ad Input and Sources

Your GOALS should be the following:

1. Educate yourself about good debt vs. bad debt (MMU site offers tons of valuable research material.)

2. Attain optimum leisurely lifestyle (work and play can co-exist).

3. Realize ultimate financial freedom (Rich Dad, Poor Dad--Make money work for you.)

1. The 6-step formula to financial freedom:

a. Cash flow using OPM (Other People’s Money)

b. Financial Intelligence/Education    

c. Strategic Connections    

d. Successful Mentors    

e. Immediate Income Producing Investments

f.  Copy Success

2. Back end success fees: of 20% and what is included with these fees (access to our $55,000 in crash courses, access to millionaire mentors, private webinars, access to our 100% investment/project funding experts ($25,000 value), and much more.

3. Commission structure:

a. CPN funding 3% commissions on backend. Upfront CPN funding commission is 5% or $125.

b. Regular Membership ($1500), $75 upfront commission, 3% on backend. VIP Membership ($599), $100 upfront commission, 3% on backend.

c. Big corporate $1.2m funding program: 3% back end, and business corporate funding.  

4. Financial Freedom Club Agent requirements:

a.  You are recruiting clients for FSC.  Clients have access to all FFC/FSC products and services.  You cannot "HIDE" these clients from us, because you are afraid they will go direct to us.  You are expected to make sure the clients get their docs signed and completed, and follow-up on funding when the time comes.

b. Payouts to agents are 48-hours (two business days) after we receive the FFC client's  payment to us.

c. You must maintain at least 2 clients a month to maintain agent status.

d. You must be educated in representing a specific program.  If you only wish to rep one specific product, that Is fine, however it will limit your income.

e. On any larger funding programs we require 6 months of funding be put into an escrow account to make the first 6 payments to the lender.  This protects our lender and you.  After 6 on-time payments a lender will usually increase a credit line, or allow you to get a larger loan if desired.

f.  A client info doc must be signed to proceed to any program. 

g. Get approval before using our marketing materials or developing your own.  Do not use marketing without our approval.

h. Our referral agreement must be signed.

5. The following marketing ideas are being used:

a.  Networking events. and many other local meetings and groups take place many times a week.  Real Estate investors, business leads groups, singles events, and dozens more.  

b. Facebook and other social sites are highly effective.

c. Google AdWords are highly effective for a few dimes!  

d. Classified ad sites are free and generate all the money you want to make.

e. Cost Per Impression ads, as with banner ads you pay per click, cost per impression ads are an even better bargain, $10 per 1000 leads!

f. Lists. The money is in the lists.  You can buy email addresses for business opportunity seekers, or credit repair people, etc. Go Leads, Info USA, Exact Data etc. are good starts.

g. Find other people with strong connections. Bartenders, etc., people who are "connectors".

9) What You Have Here

a.       A Million Dollar a year income and training opportunity without a penny out of your pocket.

b.       All the work is done and tested for you.

c.       All the strategic partnerships have been developed

d.       The trust and credibility factors have been eliminated from the website.

e.       You have an literally an unlimited income opportunity with very little work.

f.        You can make up to $60,000 on every single client with our systems.

g.       You can work from anywhere in the world

h.       You only need to spend an average of less than 1 hour with a client.

i.         You can help people break free from financial slavery.

j.         You can help people become financially educated with our materials. Hundreds of courses, videos, training, and support materials.

k.       Thousands of dollars worth of legal and financial documents for your clients.

l.         Boatloads of marketing and support staff for lead generation.

m.     A incredibly fun and exciting business that can be put on auto pilot,  we do all the work for you.

n.       You do not have to spend TENS of thousands of dollars on franchises or business, or real estate.

o.       You are minutes to cashflow and income.

p.       You can work as much or as little as you want.  One good client a month makes you more then working 40-50 hours a week at a slave job, where the boss tells you when to take a potty break and when you can go home to see your kids.

q.       You have the best product on the planet--money.  Everyone wants it and people come to you.

r.        You get a world class education (if you want) for pennies on the dollar.

s.        Nobody else has these products.

t.        We have new income ideas and opportunities every week for you.

u.       You make money on other products and services as well. A never ending “sales funnel”.

v.       Huge competitive advantage.  We have stuff nobody else has on the planet.

10) More Lead Sources

a.       Find other finance professionals. This is the easiest way to make money without working. These finance mentors have many contacts themselves. Find the ones that have a big “list” of clients, members, associates, friends, employees, etc. 

b.       MLM lists. Join an MLM and get the list of all the clients and offer them a better, more lucrative money method.

c.       Youtube videos. Go to and get experts to create videos for $5 bucks.

d.       We are launching our Coffee Shop News soon. Deliver these to thousands of locations in town. They have been proven to generate dozens of leads a month.

e.       Buy Google pay- per-click for keywords.  You can get started for $25.  Imagine being on top of the search engine results immediately for the phrase  “personal loans”.

f.        We have someone who runs Craigslist and other classified sites with a software that can run in hundreds of cities. (Craigslist is where we got our start and several other funding companies far inferior to us use them very successfully.)

g.       Check out and resellers network.  Get finanancial mentors here.

h.       Put ads in local newspapers. Daily and weekly.

i.         Run ads in magazines such as Business Opportunity,  Home Business Opportunity, Small Business Magazine,  USA Today,  Wall St Journal,  New York Times,  INC,  etc. A few hundred bucks can generate dozens of clients.

j.         Start a website and do SEO.  Get it up to page one on the search engine results page.  These products are searched MILLIONS of times a month.

k.       Networking events. There are dozens of meetings a week in any decent-sized market. has hundreds of groups alone. Business leads groups,  Singles Groups,  Real Estate Groups,  Entrepreneur Groups,  Wealth Groups,  Networking groups.

l.         Run weekly seminars for 1 hour.  Amazingly effective.

m.     Run online webinars.  Reach thousands with proper marketing.

n.       Buy lists from other people's lists, or get them to run your ads for a piece of the pie.

o.       Join groups, like Yahoo, Hangouts, and others.

p.       Run Facebook and other social media banner ads.

q.       Write articles on article sites.

r.        Use your imagination.  Talk to people.  Go to happy hours.  Meet bartenders and customers. 

s.        Hand out business cards.  WE have them for $100 per thousand: TWO-FOLD, GLOSSY BOTH SIDES.

t.        Find underserved and underpaid employees and give them your business cards.

That’s just for starters, people.  Whatever business you think you're in, you're not. You are in the marketing business. Without marketing you have dust gathering.  You are in the marketing business.

Building a Sales team: (remote or physical)

Whether you advertise via social media, USA Today, Craigslist, etc. there are certain foundational tenets to live by when building a sales team whether virtual or an in-office fleet.

1)     Train-train-train…perfect practice makes perfect. You have heard both many times and for good reason. You do not want good leads being burned through by mediocre or worse sales personnel.

2)     Lead by example. Be available, take calls and respond to emails in a swift and timely fashion to demonstrate that you are both their leader, a top performer and one whom provides a strong support base.

3)     Be prepared. If you can listen in on sales calls so you have both a powerful training tool but can also help troubleshoot where they may have blown a deal that you can now turn around. Be prepared to close a deal for a flailing sales team member for those running an in-house sales team.

4)     Be generous with commissions. Far too many Bossa Novas get real cheap here and often cost themselves their top diamond performers. I have seen it time and time again in my 30 + years in the sales industry. Know your bottom line, break even points and product profit margins-gross and net. Once you know your business like a bean counter than you truly know what you can afford to pay and often it is 30% and not 10-15%. These people are your bread and butter. LET THEM KNOW IT!

5)     Be organized, meticulous and on top of your game. No one likes working for someone who can’t set the pace, or shows weakness, or lacks impartiality, discipline and integrity.

6)     Show that you are confident in your own skin! By that I mean do not be afraid to have open forums amongst your people, invite their ideas at certain junctures and you will see how 15 brains are far superior to one. On that note and one I learned the hard way. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DELEGATE. There is a difference between being a lazy boss and one that empowers his or her staffers by delegating duties even when you think it may be just a notch beyond their purview.


Thinking Outside the Box:

1) Business Financing Reigns Paramount

  • All the rules of Wealth Creation are addressed with Unlimited Business Credit Financing.

  • Knowing the difference between bad debt and good debt is the difference between a struggle for mere existence or living the ultimate leisurely lifestyle.

What we want to do is teach people how to separate their personal credit from their business credit so they’re not borrowing funds from themselves, from their family, from their retirement. We want to separate the personal credit from the business credit.

Many people have probably heard of the quote, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” and the reason why is the rich have access to working capital. They have access to funding. They have access to money. When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, which seems to come around every couple of weeks, they don’t have to scramble to refinance their home.  They don’t have to run out and borrow money from friends and family. They have access to money.  Whether it’s their own money or other people’s money, so what we want to do is make sure that every business owner out there has access to money for their business.

Even though it’s possible to make money without money, it is a lot easier to make money if you have available funding. We’ve cracked the code to unlimited bank financing. Most people have probably the heard the statistics from the FDA. Over fifty percent of small businesses fail in the first year, and 95% within the first five years. The reason why is not because they had a bad business idea.  It’s not because they were unorganized or didn’t know how to run a business properly.

2) Funding Funnel

Here are our current funding options. NO one else in the country has access to these programs and the amounts we can get for you!

There Are No Startup Costs To Go Through This Funding Program As A Member Of Financial Success Club!

 Here is a brief synopsis of our "FUNDING FUNNEL". Depending on your priorities and goals there may be different avenues to travel to get to your credit and funding goals.

 The first step is to get your BUSINESS CREDIT if you have 700+ FICO scores!   Even if you don’t have a company set up yet, we can get one ready for you.   If you already have a company then you can get up to $150,000! –With access to our resources AGED CORPORATIONS you can get up to $250,000 in 2-3 weeks.

*We offer our members AGED CORPORATIONS through our resource with NO UPFRONT FEES!  This will save you up to $5,000 or more upfront costs as aged corps cost about $1,000 for every year of age!

With this aged corporation as long as you have strong 700 FICO scores you can get up to $250,000 in business funding while acquiring a valuable corporation asset, that can be used to acquire other assets!

THE SECOND AGED CORPORATION OPTION if you don’t have strong FICO scores IS...

 WE have good FICO score guarantors who will help you acquire funding and an aged corporation for a fee!  A CFO guarantor is someone you can hire with a high FICO score already!  They get the funding for you with the help of a seasoned corporation!  Up to $250,000 and you can go for TWO rounds of funding! 

 What this means also, is that if you don’t have a 700+ FICO score you can hire someone with good credit and use THEIR FICO Scores to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  This program can be repeated with other seasoned corporations and CFO’s! In other words –UNLIMITED FUNDING!

WITH GROSS RECEIPTS OF $10,000 OR MORE!  OUR RESOURCE CAN GET YOU UP TO 150% OF YOUR MONTHLY GROSS!   -  If you generate 50k a month you can borrow up to $75,000!

This only takes a couple days to process and only requires 4 months bank statements and a simple one page information application!


You only need a 640 FICO score to get PERSONAL FUNDING!  We can get up to $500,000 in personal funding depending on your FICO scores!  Don’t expect to get $500,000 with a 640 FICO score, but with a score in the high 700’s we can generate high funding because of our processors and their underwriter contacts.

They are able to generate 6-10 TIMES more funding than any other company because of...

1.     Their relationships with underwriters

2.     Their use of sophisticated software which maximizes your funding

3.     Their expertise in using specific lenders who pull only one bureau file

4.     Their specific knowledge in new lender programs

5.     The use of business and personal funding techniques and strategies

6.     The use of NON-FICO funding options

OUR FIFTH FUNDING OPTION! 100% INVESTMENT FINANCING! -   We have what we believe is the most amazing wealth creation funding option on the planet!  We have bank contact who will finance any credible business or commercial real estate project with 100% financing!

NO INCOME is needed

NO FICO score is required

Minimum purchase is $500,000 up to 3 BILLION funding is available

Approvals are in less than 5 days and funding in about 3 weeks on average

Only a business plan and executive summary are needed

A 3.5% loan origination fee is required after pre-approval of funding

We have executive coaches who will help you at NO cost and PREP a business plan to make sure your project makes sense and can get funded!

This is the most amazing wealth vehicle in our funding funnel!    Imagine being able to acquire a $500,000 asset that generates $200,000 in net profits for about $18,000 out of pocket (loan origination fees!).   You can acquire MILLIONS in assets and net income this way.

OUR SIXTH FUNDING OPTION.  We have NON FICO funding available with CPN funding with our strategic resource.  Up to $100,000.  This program takes about 45 days but legally creates a new credit file for you!  See the NO FICO FUNDING link to see options with this amazing program!


If you have a FICO score under 640 + then you will have to go through Credit Repair and Credit Enhancement program!  This program using our law firm can actually generate a CASH settlement for you depending on the types of defaults you have.   They can remove ANY inaccuracy on your files.


Once you obtain the larger funding amounts you can participate in our “Be your own Bank” Funding program.  Simply help others get CPN funding, buy an aged corp with a CFO, add trade lines so they can proceed to funding!   Others are more than willing to pay a cost to borrow your money for a few weeks.  This is the greatest way to wealth.  When you want to acquire wealth your focus should be on what you can give not on what you can get!  There are unlimited clients—140 Million to be exact—who want to break free from financial slavery!

This income opportunity which costs you nothing to start can generate from $1,000 up to $50,000 a month or more depending on how much you wish to invest!


E-1) Gift Cards Copy

E-2) Gift Cards $250

E-3) Reading Bonuses