Memorandum of Understanding: Black Card

 This letter will confirm that you have agreed to contract with Rampart Trust and their associates for obtaining the following: Black Card.  All communications are to be considered private, confidential and are not to be recorded or released to parties who are not privy to this contract.

In addition, any documents that have been sent to you for your assistance or prepared for your assistance are to remain confidential and are not to be published or released on the internet, via email or distributed unless consent is obtained by this office first in writing. All documentation created by RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates is for private use only. Any publication or release of documentation into the public will result in immediate legal actions for unlawful distribution of material. No refunds upon signing this agreement.

All material discussed and presented is copyrighted and trademarked with the U.S. Copyright/Trademark office. All information disclosed is and will remain privileged and confidential and may never be disclosed without our permission or an order of the Court. RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP are also not responsible for the actions of third parties or any action you have taken regarding these liens which may have been in violation of state or Federal law.

RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates are to be “held harmless” for any information provided and any individual actions taken by the client. Please note further that this agreement also constitutes your understanding that there are no guarantees that any information provided to you will give you a victory in court case, discharges of debts, or deposits of security instruments as well as your acceptance to Hold Harmless from any civil liability or claims:

RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP and their associates and any third parties related to preparation of your docs or monetization of your lien. Any entity or individual associated with any bank account used in these transactions are to be held unaccountable for their purpose is that as a paymaster or a third party without knowledge of the transactions purpose or use. All work commences within 3 days of their acceptance of payment and docs.

RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP agrees to start and finish all necessary paperwork within 90 days from initial payment. Refunds are only to be issued if KEVIN CHAMBERLAIN OR RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP is unable to complete paperwork or task. It is understood that no work will start or provided until service has been paid in full, in the amount of $1000.

An additional fee by Financial Success Club is also due to be added in separate agreement.

The client and RAMPART TRUST/LLC/CORP are using the information provided for educational purposes and not an attempt to avoid any lawful acts or charges. The sole purpose is to achieve any and all lawful remedies provided to an individual in a private or public capacity.

If the foregoing is acceptable to you, please sign where indicated on the enclosed copy of this letter and return it to the appropriate address noted above with the appropriate payment.


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