You can use your GOOD credit to create financial freedom in weeks not years.

Most people use good credit to obtain liabilities not assets.  It’s time to change that thinking.

The first step in obtaining financial success is to use your GOOD credit to obtain Other People’s Money.   You want to use a little of your money and a lot of someone else’s!

You also don’t have the time to save up your own money, and the fact is, why would you want to use your money anyway.  Saving up your own money is slow. Money loves speed. Why not become financially free tomorrow instead of 10 years from now?

Your goal should be to get your credit to the point where you can get as much funding as you can.  This money you can then use to find BIGGER, BETTER, and MORE, opportunities and investments that the average JOE cannot invest in.  You will be exposed and have the opportunity to find and be offered opportunities that produce staggering returns. You can then invest like the rich do.  You can pay 10% interest and get 1000% returns. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but that’s the process. You need to use Other People’s Money to invest in high return opportunities.  

And it all starts with good credit.  Even if you attempt to get Business Funding, which we strongly recommend, lenders will require a good FICO score.  What is a good FICO score? Scores go up to 850, but the closer you get to that score, the better. One BIG reason is that higher scores mean better interest rates.  Higher scores closer to 800 will save you TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of your loans.

The second BIG reason for a higher score is that you can obtain more funding. Your goal should be to obtain the largest amounts of money, in the quickest amount of time,  with the least amount of time, cost, and effort. Their is NO shortage of amazing opportunities out their. Their are opportunities around every corner, in your own neighborhood, and almost everything has made someone rich.  The light bulb, peanut butter, and plastic flowers. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, everything has made someone rich.

So on to Credit Restoration…

Most credit repair companies say they can fix your credit in a few weeks.  99.9% of them are not telling you the truth. We get hundreds of calls from people who have gone to many other repair companies and still have many negatives on their reports.  That’s because 99.9% of repair companies have no idea what they’re doing.

We have a resource who actually knows the secret to cleaning up a file quickly.  And it still takes them at least 30 days, sometimes a little longer. Anyone else telling you anything different is lying to you.  Their are also legal ways to fix your credit and illegal ways. We only work with resources that legally remove mistakes on your credit files.  This process requires a lot more documentation like affidavits, etc. This requires time. If someone is offering you cheap credit repair you can be assured 100%, not 99.9% that they are doing it wrong

Our vendor can remove all negatives quickly using his system:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Liens

  • Judgements

  • Inquiries

  • Collections

  • Student Loans

The SECOND important thing to understand with credit restoration, is that you need to have aged,  solid, seasoned, and high quality tradelines on your reports.

It’s important to only add legal tradelines, and the more the better.   This means either an AU tradeline, which is like when your parents had some credit cards and then add you to their credit history to build up your credit.  AU lines are great for building up FICO scores, but don’t help a lot with more funding.

The other way is to add  Primary tradelines. The only way to add legal primary tradelines is to acquire ownership of the tradelines.  Their are only a couple companies in the country that do this legally.

Because they acquire these debt instruments (old charged off debt from banks and other lenders) they are not cheap, but they are extremely valuable in building a solid credit history for larger funding.  Like you may have now with your auto loan, mortgage, or installment loan.

We have the sole resources for these tradelines.  We include the costs of these tradelines under the TRADELINE image link on the homepage. They will usually run between 899 and 999 per tradeline. You should have at least 3 good tradelines reporting as a minimum to obtain the most funding.

We offer a complete package of of valuable services and products with our Credit Enhancement process.

*A $1500 VIP Membership with over $150,000.00 in Financial Educational Courses, Videos, Webinars, etc.

*Access to many  return investment ideas and opportunities not offered the general public.

*Strategic Connections who can speed up your leisurely lifestyle and quality of life.

*Access to FREE primary tradeline and instant credit with vendors regardless of your current credit history!  Over several dozen of these who will help get your scores up as much as 200 points in a month, and all with open credit to use.  These will not help with larger funding as much as aged lines will do.

*Private mentoring and free webinars,  financial blueprints, and new discounted prices on services and products we offer.

*Plus much much more.

The cost for the entire Credit Enhancement Package:  $699 (Value: Priceless)

*NOTE:  This package is FREE if you get the AGED Corporation program we offer in our “Wealth Creation”  banner on the homepage.

To get an application for this program or to learn more about other programs which include this service contact us at: FSClub@protonmail.com