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*This is the same $55,000.00 Course we teach our students. Our clients receive the Fast Track Crash Course so they can begin creating wealth immediately. The Course Cost for our funding clients has been reduced to $3,500! Why did we reduce the cost so drastically?

Simply, because you are too valuable to us to not have you financially educated. We have business ideas and opportunities, franchise opportunities, successful new products, licensing rights to million dollar products, real estate investments, new funding programs, and partnership programs which we can partner with you on and invest in bigger projects “as a team”. There is much more opportunity, power, and strength in a team.

Here is just a sample of the $55,000.00 Fast Track Millionaire Mentor Crash Course:

1.  The 30 Minute $30,000-$50,000 a month Click & Retire Morning Trade developed by a very successful PhD in this Futures arena. This is the most important and valuable education you could ever learn. It also requires several weeks of follow-up training, but it’s so simple a 12-year-old can do it.

Value:     $400,000 a year x Everyone you teach.

2. The 100% Financing Mentor. This mentor will teach you to how to get any Franchise, Real Estate Project, Business, New Product Launch, New Business Start-up, or any other investment acquired without using any or little of your own money. This program will save the average entrepreneur Hundreds of Thousands if not MILLIONS of dollars in upfront costs when trying to acquire or start a business!

Value:     Priceless

 3. Best Franchises to own and a world class contact. There are thousands and thousands of franchises out there. There are only a few that you can own and collect your paychecks at the beach. Learn which ones they are, the strategic partners and management, and financing you will need to get started!

Value:     Priceless

 4. Step-by-Step BLUEPRINTS for over 100 Passive Money Methods. $30,000 on Amazon auto-pilot, and 99 other Money Methods that can be put on auto-pilot. These Video and Audio courses cost $300-$500 each so there is over $40,000 in educational products here. We cover all of them and give you the step by step process to create unlimited wealth.

Value:     Priceless

5. How and Where to buy Virtual Real Estate that provides a large passive income.  Did you know that you can buy a website that produces an Auto-Pilot Income of Several Hundred dollars to MILLIONS a month? Simply write a check and collect your revenue at the beach every single day!  Learn the step by step blueprint to create your own Virtual Real Estate. This method was taught to us by someone in this area that makes $3-$5 Million a WEEK doing this.

Value:     Unlimited

 6. The 5 Easiest and Most Profitable ways to make the most amount of money in real estate, in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount of time, headache, and hassles! These are 30-day blueprints to outrageous success! No-Money-Down formulas that actually work, how to acquire property from $1 or less than $1,000, How to create an Auto-Pilot Income with all your real estate projects, get our Billion Dollar Rolodex of contacts, Private Money Sources we have acquired, how to acquire Multi-Million Dollar Properties Using NONE of your own money, Partner with our contact of not one but TWO Billion Dollar Private Foundations. One with 26 Billionaire Families, one with 10 Billionaires who will fund 10 Million to TWO Billion dollar projects 100% financed. Very simple.

Recent funding projects include: Nationwide Wellness Center, $660-Million-Dollar Start-up, and a Ritz Carlton $450-Million-Dollar hotel.

Value:     Unlimited

7. The $5,000-a-Day-Mentor-Money Method. This is simply the easiest “start immediately” income method that generates $5,000 or more a day starting in about 14 days if you do this right! This is so simple a 12-year-old can do this. Stop working so hard. This 3-step method requires no special skills, talent, age requirements, sales, investment, location issues, or any other restrictions. Work anywhere in the world: a cruise ship, hiking in the mountains, or jet skiing in Hawaii! Work smart, not hard.

Value:     $1.0 - $2.5M Yearly

8. Partner with an international bank and find them Million Dollar Arrangements. This can be a Multi-Million Dollar a month money method if you apply 5 simple yet effective secrets and know where to find these judgements the bank will buy from you. A $10 Million Dollar Judgement can bring you anywhere from $200,000 up to $500,000 EACH! Did you know there are Hundreds of Thousands of these out there? Learn from the best mentor on the planet for this income method.

Value:     Unlimited

9. Access to Licensing Rights and Re-Seller Rights. We have acquired the rights to market products worth MILLIONS of dollars a year. These products have been demonstrated to make thousands of people boatloads of income. If you want to make the most money, you must copy the people who have made money in the area you want to succeed in. Just copy what they’re doing right, and eliminate what they’re doing wrong! If average people can make millions, why can’t you?

Value:     Priceless

10. Buy and Flip Businesses using NONE of your own money. The average “flip” can make someone from $100,000 to several MILLION dollars. Think of it, a nightclub you start in a warehouse (that a marketing promotions company can fill up in weeks) can be sold for $2, $3, or $4 Million in a matter of months! This is not rocket science. Apply these 12 secrets and you can do 6 of these a year!

Value:     Several Million

11. The 100 Success Strategies of the world’s most successful people. This information has been researched for many years and over 50,000 hours have gone into acquiring this information.

Value:     Priceless

12. Ultimate Financial Freedom AND Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle Step-by-Step Blueprint. We will SHOW, not tell you, exactly how you can join our team and fast-track your wealth creation strategies immediately. Spend every hour as you want to spend it. Let your money work hard so you don’t have to! The formulas taught in this course are the same ones used by the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Simply duplicate their actions.

Value:     Priceless

13. NINE simple $20,000-a-month income opportunities. These income methods require very little training, skill, talent, or effort. Know what you don’t know.

Value:     $240,000 Yearly

14. Turning 10 cents into $1 over and over. This money method was developed over 40 years ago and includes a FREE $500.00 Membership into the largest network of entrepreneurs in the country. Imagine being able to buy virtually any product for a dime then turning it into $1 in currency you can use to eat at restaurants free, get dental care for free, take vacations for free, get all your home services free, etc., etc. This is so simple my 7-year-old used to do this and still does.

Value:     Priceless

15. There is too much more to list here. Obviously we can’t ethically tell you how much you are going to make. Many qualities go into how much money someone will make. Their ambition, motivation, time, efforts, desire, education, skills, and many other qualities. No honest person or company can guarantee your results. We can only put it before you. It’s up to you to do something with it. But the programs and courses work. If you want to become successful, you must do what other successful people are doing. Simply duplicate what they are doing. Making money is no secret, it’s a rule like the rules of nature: you do certain things you get certain results.

These courses are also included in this training by World Class Mentors....

Also included in this training by World Class Mentors....

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Q. Do you have a refund policy on your products?

A. Our contacts offer various degrees of protection on funding, credit repair, and other services. We are merely the referral source for these services. We are not investment advisors. We offer financial educational materials. Period. If for any reason you do not perform we cannot give any refunds. If we fail to perform, we offer a refund if requested, less any consulting costs. Refunds are processed within 30 days.